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Sloth and Monkey Encounters Video in Roatan Honduras


Sloth and Monkey Encounters in Roatan Honduras. Go with a family and see a sloth and monkey encounter as it’s done in Roatan, Honduras. Maybe you’d like to take a trip and do the same.

Sloth and Monkey Encounters and Tourists, Oh My!

This is a vacation video shared by a family on the internet. They took a cruise and stopped at Roatan Honduras.

You get to see a little of the city and some of the cultural and street entertainment that you’ll find there.

The family decided to do the sloth and monkey encounters while they were there, so they went to Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloth Hang Out.

You’ll see that it’s very different from how it’s done in other places. Many people are allowed in at a time rather than four or five in most places.

Each person gets a turn to hold the sloths and the Capuchin monkeys climb all over everyone, jumping from person to person as they’d go from tree to tree. It might be worth a special trip.

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