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Sloth Encounter in Illinois Local Zoos

Sloth Encounter in Illinois Sloth of The Day

Sloth Encounter in Illinois. If you’re looking to have a sloth encounter in Illinois, then this article will provide you with all the information you need to make that happen.

Seeing a sloth for the first time and interacting with them is one of the best experiences you can have with an animal.

In this article, we will discuss…

  • Petting a Sloth in a Sloth Encounter in Illinois
  • Peoria Zoo
  • Other Animals of the Zoo
  • Learning Program
  • Zoo’s Environment
  • Peoria Zoo Map & Contact Info
  • Brookfield Zoo
  • Provides a Sloth Encounter in Illinois
  • Brookfield Zoo Contact Info & Map
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • The Best Perk of Lincoln Park
  • The Architecture of the Park
  • Lincoln Park Map & Contact Info
  • Wild Time Exotics

Read on to learn more about the zoos in Illinois with sloths.

Sloth Encounter in Illinois

Sloth Encounter in Illinois Sloth of The Day PIN

The rarity of the animal has made this kind of interaction valuable. As the popularity of the sloth grows in number, more people are interested in seeing one in real life.

The only thing that you should keep in mind is to get the most value out of your time. Sloth experiences can always get better if the zoo allows you to interact with them.

Many zoos in the world allow visitors to interact with sloths and pet them. At the end of the day, the zoo may even allow the guest to take a selfie to keep a piece of memory forever.

If you live in another state check out our post 40 States To See Hold a Sloth in America.

Sloth Encounter in Illinois

Zoo with a sloth in Illinois. In Illinois, you have plenty of options to see sloths.

The zoos are very well maintained and they provide the utmost care for the animal’s well-being.

All the animals are kept in proper conditions so they can retain all necessary requirements for them to continue with their daily activity.

Where can I meet a sloth in Illinois? This article will feature all the best zoos in Illinois so you can have the best sloth encounter in Illinois.

  • Peoria Zoo
  • Brookfield Zoo
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Wild Times Exotics

In this article, we will discuss the zoos in Illinois above in more detail.

If you have visited any of these sloth zoos in the past please do let us know. We would love to learn your story.

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Peoria Zoo

The zoo has a two-toed sloth that is just adorable. The zoo is home to over 100 species of animals from all around the world.

Other Animals of the Zoo

You will also get to see animals ranging from giraffes to rhinoceros. The range of animals that are available to see is quite astonishing. The zoo is open all year round.

Learning Program

If you like learning more about animals, then the education department of the zoo offers programs for ages 2 and up.

The program basically includes homeschool classes, summer zoo camp, and a zoo teen volunteer program to know more interesting details about animals.

Zoo’s Environment

Every part of the zoo is well designed and divided into sections. All of them are well connected for the visitor to get the best experience in the zoo.

Almost all the reviews praise the environment and cleanliness of the environment inside the zoo.

Peoria Zoo Map and Contact Info

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2320 N. Prospect Rd.
Peoria, IL 61603

Brookfield Zoo

The zoo will certainly match your expectations. Everything is kept clean from the floor to the animal living spaces.

Here you will encounter two different species of sloth. One is Hoffman’s two-toed sloth and the other one is Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth. They reside in the tropic world exhibit of the zoo.

To a green eye, both of the sloths might look rather similar but they differ genetically. Regardless of their species, both of the sloths melt the hearts of people when they see them.

You will see them eating and hanging out all day. If they are not participating in an activity, they enjoy plenty of sleep just like every sloth in the world.

Brookfield Zoo Contact Info and Map

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8400 31st St. North Gate Main Entrance
3300 Golf Rd. South Gate Main Entrance
Brookfield, IL 60513

Lincoln Park Zoo

The zoo has a history compared to the others on the list. It was established in the year 1868. Every corner of the zoo is accessible and walkable.

All the staff are well qualified and will help you a lot in learning more about the animals.

The volunteer docents are qualified and very knowledgeable, as they will tell you many stories and facts about animals.

The Best Perk of Lincoln Park

One of the best parts about the zoo is that it is free to visit. You don’t have to pay any fee to see some of the most beautiful animals living in the zoo.

The services are quite excellent, even better than the zoo that charges a hefty admission fee.

The Architecture of the Park

All the architecture is just nothing but fantastic, the zoo also offers some amazing well-kept gardens. The views from the city will make the trip much more noteworthy.

But the show-stealer here will always be the range of amazing animals they have stored for the visitors.

Lincoln Park Map and Contact Info

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2001 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60614

Wild Times Exotics

Wild Times Exotics
Image Courtesy of Wild Times Exotics

One of our readers recently mentioned that we could also add Wild Times Exotics to places in Illinois where it is possible to see a sloth.

So we contacted them on Facebook and this is what they send our way.

“Onyx the sloth wants to come to see you! Located in Central Illinois, Wild Times Exotics will bring Onyx right to your living room or event for a once-in-a-lifetime memory. This amazing encounter allows you the opportunity to pet, hold and feed Onyx so long as she’s up for it!”

They are not exactly a zoo.  More like a traveling Sloth Encounter in Illinois.

“So we do sloth encounters where we bring our sloth to meet you. Our facility isn’t open to the public so we’re more of a “zoo to you” or “sloth to you” experience.”

“We’re located in Central Illinois and do sometimes travel up to surrounding states. During our encounters, you get to pet and/or hold our sloth as well as an opportunity to feed her.”

Because of their setup, there is no need for a map, but you can get more info at their website… WildTimesExotics.com

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