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Hello. I'm Leo Garcia, I'm the person who manages Sloth of The Day. This website was started for my daughter who loves sloths. We work hard to bring you sloth-related content that you may enjoy. If you have any questions, please do let us know. Leo Garcia is the Editor and writer of many websites like Sloth of The Day, Fishing Stone, Using Yoga, LG Bookshelf, Car Lover Tips, My Social Quotes, and Leo Garcia Books. Find Me On Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Youtube - Instagram - Amazon Sloth On :-)
Christmas Coffee Cups For Sloth Lovers will start your day with some coffee and at the same time celebrate the upcoming holiday season.
Sloth Christmas T-shirts by Sloth of The Day will let you celebrate your Holiday Season in style! A nice selection of Christmas Sloth Wear for any sloth lover.
Spruce up your Christmas tree with our festive Sloth Christmas Tree Ornaments! Easily add a touch of sloth festive cheer to your Christmas tree!
Sloth No Talkie Before My Coffee T-shirt Design is available in many colors and any sloth or coffee lover would wear this shirt proudly.
Sometimes It Takes Me All Day to Get Nothing Done T-shirt was requested by someone in one of our Facebook posts.  Of course, we had to make it.
Sloth Lovers Wall Calendar by Leo Garcia from Sloth of the Day for 2024, Use this Sloth Lovers Wall Calendar To Track Your Monthly Events.
Sloths are My Spirit Animal Design for a t-shirt that says "Sloth Are My Spirit Animal." Encourages Patience, Relaxation, and a Joyous Attitude Towards Life.
Lets Not Panic Sloth Unicorn T-shirt Colorful Shirt Design. Features a sloth holding a rainbow, stars on the back, and a unicorn horn.
Humans Make My Head Hurt Coffee and Sloths Make Me Happy is the shirt that started it all. Made this design and thought of others to make.
Cats and Sloths Make Me Happy Shirt by Sloth of The Day has a cute sloth hanging around with a cat letting people know what makes you happy.

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