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Can A Sloth Lover Own A Sloth in The USA?


Can You Own A Sloth in The USA? Owning a sloth in the USA is possible, but there are some things you need to consider before you try to own a sloth in the US.

Own A Sloth In The USA Typical Questions

USA Typical QuestionsSome of the common questions that come up when you think about owning a sloth in the USA are:

  • Is Owning a Sloth Possible in The USA?
  • What are Things to Consider Before Owning a Sloth?
  • How To Choose The Right Kind of Sloth?
  • How Much Do Sloths Cost in the USA?
  • Where Can I Purchase a Sloth?
  • Where Is It Legal to Own a Sloth in the US?
  • What States Can You Own a Sloth?

Can you have a baby sloth as a pet? Below we will be discussing this point to provide you more information regarding owning your own sloth.

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Is Owning a Sloth Possible in The USA?

Can You Own A Sloth in The USA? Owning a sloth in the USA is possible, but there are some things you need to consider before you try to own a sloth in the USA.

Sloths are very sluggish, lazy, and slow creatures that spend most of their time hanging on a tree branch or sleeping.

They usually have difficulty walking due to their claws which makes them prefer more climbing.

They seldom come down from the tree except to defecate or urinate which they usually do once in a week.

Their color varies from brown to gold and always prefers living a solitary life in the wild except in captivity where they tend to play together.

Having a sloth as a pet can be an amazing experience. But, you may run into trouble if you don’t understand how to take care of them properly said a State Veterinarian Joe BakerCQ said.

Things to Consider Before Owning a Sloth

Sloths are attention-seeking animals that loves to cuddle and in spite of their slow movement, sloths are very good swimmers.

These ant-eating animals are of two different types namely two-toed and three-toed which is usually differentiated from the number of toes on their forelimbs.

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There are many things to be considered before planning to own an exotic sloth as pets in the USA.

It’s usually a difficult task bringing home a sloth that is already used to the Central and South America rainforest.

It will involve finding a suitable enclosure for breeding, obtaining a license, and locating a familiar vet who is ready to cater for it.

Owning a sloth also requires a special kind of care, attention, and most importantly lots of money.

Many people all over the world have been successful in keeping exotic pets especially with the widespread of the internet.

That has given many the ability to find and acquire their very own sloth.

How To Choose The Right Kind of Sloth?

How To Choose The Right Kind of Sloth
Choosing the right kind of sloth will depend on your preference on which type of sloths you would like to own.

But there are other things to consider about choosing the right sloth for you.

We earlier mentioned there are two kinds of sloth namely the two-toed and the three-toed. The two-toed are bigger weighing about 12 to 19 pounds.

The three-toed however usually have difficulty adapting to a new environment when taken out of their natural home.

Even though the two-toed easily adapts to new environments, extra care is usually needed to care and cater for both species of sloth.

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How Much Do Sloths Cost in the USA?

How Much Do Sloths Cost in the USAHow Much Do Sloths Cost in the US? One of the major things to consider before owning a pet sloth is the cost.

From the cost of purchasing one to the cost of catering for its needs, such as housing, vaccination, feeding and so on.

A typical baby sloth is usually priced for about $2,000 to $10,000. Additionally, you have to consider that monthly expenses to take care of the sloth you wish to own could be anywhere to $100’s to $1000’s per month.

Taking care of a human baby is different from a sloth because the baby will one day grow up and leave but you will care for a sloth for its entire life.

Your financial situation for up to two decades has to be put into consideration for this.

Where Can I Purchase a Sloth in the US?

Where Can I Purchase a Sloth in the US

Finding a sloth to buy in the USA is a bit hard, but it is not impossible. Nowadays it is very easy to fire up your computer and search online for what you seek.

There are websites dedicated to selling exotic pets and they can help you to buy a sloth for a pet. When you find one make sure it is a reputable one that takes care of their sloths.

You can find breeders and sellers that specialize in helping you to buy a sloth for a pet.

Be aware that some sellers are very careful about who they sell the sloths too.

The General public or someone without a USDA license may not be allowed to purchase a sloth.

You can buy a sloth as a pet from either brokers or breeders, brokers being the most common one you will find.

Finding a baby sloth to purchase will be harder to find then an adult sloth. Which brings a totally new type of problem.

A baby sloth will adapt quickly to its environment as long as its basic needs are met; safety, food, shelter, and care.

An adult sloth may be unsociable, have not been treated well, been underfed or any other things you may not be aware of. Point of reference…

When you buy a new car, you know its history… When you buy a used car, you have no idea how it was taken care of.

You should also know where the sloth was acquired. Was the sloth bred, or was the sloth wild-caught. Wild-caught sloths may be more problematic than a bred sloth as a pet.

Make sure to ask your sloth seller of your sloth broker as many questions as possible to assure that you are getting the right sloth for you.

My point of view is that any good seller will provide you this information without having to even ask.

Occasionally you will find a pet store that will sell a baby sloth to the general public, which would be the best thing for a first-time sloth owner.

Which USA States Can You Own a Sloth?

Which USA States Can You Own a SlothThe United State laws for exotic pets in which you reside have to be taken under consideration.

Potential sloth owners are required to meet certain conditions and criteria before a special license or permit can be issued to them.

It may also be mandatory to get insurance for an exotic pet.

You are therefore required to become familiar with the local laws in your area in order to avoid fines or jail time.

Sloths are however legal in most states in the US. Apart from having knowledge of the laws of the state you reside, also check with the importation laws as sloth may be legal to own but might have some requirements before they can be imported between state lines.

State laws addressing the possession of sloths as exotic pets are flexible and can change at any time and even state workers may at any point provide false information making finding genuine information about these laws somewhat frustrating.

What States Can You Own a Sloth? Before you consider owning a sloth please take a look at our state by state list. Below is a list of some of the states in the US where keeping a sloth is legal.

Most states don’t list sloths and there is no logical reason why they won’t be legal. They are a very delicate animal with very sensitive needs, they don’t bite and obviously pose no threat.


Can you own a sloth in Alabama? The State of Alabama has very slack laws about exotic pets that even tigers might even be legal. You won’t have any problem keeping sloths here.


Is it legal to own a sloth in Florida? You can keep sloth as a pet in Florida if you have a permit for a class 3 animal.

Getting this permit is also free and very easy to acquire so there is really no issue if want to keep sloths as a pet in Florida.


Can you legally own a sloth in Indiana? In Indiana, sloths are not regarded as dangerous animals.

You should have no problem owning a sloth in Indiana.

The State of Indiana was formerly known to ban large carnivore animals until this act was reversed in 2015.


Can I own a sloth in Kansas? The state of Kansas has laws against large exotic animals as pets, but do not list smaller ones like sloths.


Can you own a sloth in Iowa? The State of Iowa gives permission for pet skunks and so does sloths.


Is it legal to own a sloth in Louisiana? This state restricts breeding large carnivores such as wolves, bears and cougars and even large primates like monkeys but there is no mention of sloths. So owning a sloth should be no problem.


Can you own a sloth in Minnesota? The State of Minnesota only has a ban for large primates. Also for big cats and bears which obviously leaves out sloths.


Are sloths legal to own in Michigan? The State of Michigan has very minor regulations for exotic pets which also leaves out sloths.


Can you own a sloth in Mississippi? The State of Mississippi only has regulations for animals that are termed “dangerous”, you know like lions, bears, tigers, wolf and so on. This definitely excludes sloths.


Are sloths legal to own in Montana? The two-toed sloths are mentioned specifically in this state as an uncontrolled species. This makes them legal here.


Owning a sloth in Missouri is it legal? Sloths are not included as part of the dangerous animals mentioned in this state. They are probably legal here.


Can you own a sloth in Nevada? This state has lenient regulations for exotic pets such as tigers, lions, elephants, and bears where they can be legally owned. Although some few native animals and the two-pound fennec foxes aren’t. Sloths are however legal to own.

New York

Are sloths legal to own as pets in New York? Currently, the only prohibited exotic animals considered as dangerous are banner in New York. Bears, Wild Cats, and Wild Dogs and primates are included n this ban. Sloths not being included in this dangerous list are likely legal.

North Carolina

Is it legal to own a sloth in North Carolina? Many animals are legal in this state which includes bears, large reptiles and even big cats. Sloths are legal to be owned in North Carolina.


Can you own a sloth in Ohio? Owning a sloth in Ohio should be no problem even though there is a ban on exotic pets due to an incident where a mentally derailed individual released his large carnivore animal into the street. This ban, however, does not include owning a sloth.

South Carolina

Is it legal to own a sloth in South Carolina? In South Carolina, there have been many laws concerning exotic pets that have been passed in this state but owning sloths should still be legal.

South Dakota

Sloths in this state are only legal if you have a veterinary certificate of inspection.


Can you own a sloth in Texas? Yes, it is very legal to own a sloth in Texas.

Although large carnivore and foxes are not legal in this state, sloths are definitely legal here.

Texas is a very relaxed state when it comes to owning exotic pets

West Virginia

Can you own a sloth in West Virginia? Laws concerning exotic pets have been passed in this state that probably does not include a sloth.


Can You Own a Sloth in Washington State? Sloth is also legal in this state because they are not named in the exotic pet law.

Notice: This is for reference, please contact your local authorities to make sure if you can own a sloth in your state. Laws may vary by City, County, and State.

If you did not see your state on this list, please remember that this is just a regular guide regarding owning a sloth in the US.

IF you are very serious about owning your very own sloth please contact your Wild Life Department in your state.

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Owning a sloth in the USA is very possible but comes with a huge personal and financial responsibility and will require a more informed approach.

A veterinary or someone that can take of your sloth in case of sickness, should be contacted.

Make sure to check your local, city, county, and state laws before you make your final decision to own a sloth in the USA.

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