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A Sloth Rescue Where the Sloth Stops to Say Thanks


A Sloth Rescue Where the Sloth Stops to Say Thanks. A road is pretty intimidating to the average sloth, but luckily for this sloth, there’s a man available to help him get across in a way that’s natural for him.

Sloth in the Slow Lane

Sloths seem to get caught in the road a lot trying to get to trees and food on the other side.

That’s not very safe, either, as cars move much faster than they do.

This sloth is lucky in that someone comes by to help him cross the road.

He uses a much more sloth friendly way of transporting this stranded traveler than the usual method of picking him up to carry him.

He allows the sloth to grab a branch and then carries the branch across. You know the sloth was impressed because he stops to wave thanks before moving on.

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