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First Annual Slow Sloth Trot in Kirksville MO

The First Annual Slow Sloth Trot 0 5K Marathon
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Get ready, slowly, for the first annual Slow Sloth Trot 0.5K Marathon. This sloth trot event will be benefitting the Kirksville MO Area Habitat for Humanity.

Get ready, slowly, for the first annual Slow Sloth Trot 0.5K Marathon. This sloth trot event will be benefitting the Kirksville MO Area Habitat for Humanity.

Sloth Slow Strot Event
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Okay, you’re here for the races, a very slow race, but one like you have never seen before.  This is the very first annual Kirksville 0.5K or about 500 yards Slow Sloth Trot Marathon.

More Than Just a Slow Sloth Trot

When you check in for the race you will get a cool commemorative T-shirt, sticker, a medal plus a hot dog with your choice of beverage for energy. You’ll be racing a whopping 0.5K or about 500 yards. Really, you think a sloth would go any farther than that?

Slow Sloth Trot Commemorative T-shirt
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Sign up is at 10 a.m. and you can line up at the starter’s line about 11:00 am or so. The starter’s pistol shoots into the air and you think about being off. For about 10 minutes, you and your fellow racers meander towards the finish line.

The spectators are on the edge of their seats, then falling off their seats asleep, cause this thing is dragging. Hopefully, everyone crosses the finish line and the slow Sloth trot is finished.

But, don’t trot off home yet… There’s more to do! Kids can have their faces painted, get a balloon animal, play games and toss water balloons.

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You can toss horseshoes, take the horses out, first-wage a tug of war, and try the bean bag toss, and more.

Strut your sloth style as you compete for the best-dressed sloth individual or team. Yes, you get to do all this in costume, a Sloth costume.

Why have the Slow Sloth Trot, anyway?

The money raised by this event will be donated to the Kirksville Missouri Area Habitat for Humanity to help provide affordable housing to area residents.

You can extend the fun even more by camping out. The campgrounds and Slow Sloth Trot Event are near the Chariton River.

Since the area isn’t as well known as some, you might discover a new favorite spot for family outings.

You can make reservations for these campsites and half the camping fee will go towards providing homes for families in need.

Runners on the Slow Sloth Trot get $5 off from their lunch at the Fort Chariton Restaurant. When you register before 6/14/19 will guarantee the shirt size of your choice.

A little about Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization started in 1976. They operate in all 50 states and in 70 countries.

The houses aren’t free, but they are obtainable. A family who needs housing can apply at their local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, who will then make the decision to accept the applicant based on three criteria.
Slow Sloth Trot Kirksville MO Area Habitat for Humanity

  • First, can the family get housing any other way or is this their best chance?
  • Second, are they willing to get their hands dirty and work together with the volunteers to help build their new home?
  • And third, are they able to repay the mortgage using the payment plan?

The family also benefits from financial advice and planning. The applicant may not need a whole new house. Repairs or renovations to existing buildings may be all that’s needed and that can be provided as well.

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Habitat for Humanity also helps communities rebuild after a natural disaster and works in other countries, in cooperation with other organizations, to provide better living conditions throughout the world utilizing various means of financing.

Closely aligned with these goals are efforts to enact legislation and policies in government to make it easier for more people to have a home.

The Kirksville Area Habitat for Humanity is getting a donation from this Slow Sloth Trot and you can donate on your own, not just money, but building supplies, furniture, and appliances for their resale stores throughout the country. These items are resold to customers at a discount and the money used for the previously mentioned activities, and to design programs to expand access to more low-income families, accommodate more people and cover building and administration costs.

You can also donate time. They can use volunteers, not only to build or renovate homes but to staff the resale stores and help with administrative tasks.

So when is this Slow Sloth Trot and where?

When: The Slow Sloth Trot will be held on Saturday, June 29, 2019. Registration is at 10 am and the race begins around at 11 am.

Where: Fort Chariton
26826 Yarrow Trail
Kirksville, Missouri 63501

Contact: Karla Truitt

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Prices: $25-$135

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The First Annual Slow Sloth Trot 0 5K Marathon

You can now make reservations for the Sloth Slow Trot that will benefit the Kirksville Missouri Area Habitat for Humanity. Have fun at this event.

If you get a chance to visit the Slow Sloth Trot, please do let us know. If you happen to take any pictures, we would be happy to post them here at Sloth Of The Day. Have a Sloth Day.

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