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Sloths in Michigan at the Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo. Where can I hold a sloth in Michigan? This is very possible at this very unique zoo where you can see a Michigan sloth and even hold a sloth in Michigan.

Are you looking for a sloth experience in Michigan? For an awesome sloth experience in Michigan, this very unique farm and Zoo is the place where you can see a sloth and even hold a sloth in Michigan.

You can also check out all the other family-friendly venues that they offer.

Sloths in Michigan at The Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo

Sloths at The Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo
Michigan Sloth Image from The Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo
Where can you see Sloths in Michigan? Where can you have a sloth encounter in Michigan? Having a sloth encounter in Michigan is possible at this amazing zoo. The Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo.

We here at Sloth of The Day Love Sloths, this website was started because my daughter simply LOVES Sloths.

So we and our readers would love to learn more from the sloths in Michigan at the Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo.

Please tell us about Brooke and Sid the Michigan Sloths.

How long have Brooke and Sid been at the zoo and where did they come from?

Brooke The Sloth
Michigan Sloth Image source Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo
Our Sloths in Michigan sloth exhibit opened just last year for our 2020 season.

Brooke was the first resident and Sid joined us in the middle of that season as well.

Our new little one Bella just arrived this year for the opening of our 2021 season.

Both Brooke and Bella hail from Missouri, and little Sid is from Ohio.

How old are the Michigan sloths in your zoo?

Brooke will be 3 this year, Sid just turned 1, and Bella is about 5 months old.

Do the Sloths in Michigan have any favorite foods?

brooke sloth eating corn Do the sloths have any favorite foods
Michigan Sloth Image Provided to Us by Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo
Michigan sweet corn is Brooke’s absolute favorite!  We freeze fresh corn for her grown in the summer so she can enjoy it all year long.

Sid prefers egg whites at the moment, though he’s still young and has changing preferences.

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We’re excited to find out what Bella’s favorite food is!

Do you use some of the farm’s produce to feed the zoo animals?

We sure do.  All of our animals love the apples we grow as a regular treat, and seasonally we also mix our homegrown peaches and pears into their meals.

Michigan Sloth Experience at The Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo

Can someone have Sloth Experience at The Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo
Michigan Sloth Encounter Image Courtesy of The Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo
Can someone have Sloth Experience at The Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo?

Where can I hold a sloth in Michigan? We offer a special Michigan sloth encounter experience where guests get to come inside the sloth exhibit with a zookeeper and learn how to feed and safely pet the sloths in Michigan!

Lots of great photo opportunities too, Brook loves to take selfies!

Don’t forget to bring a video camera for some amazing videos.

Animal Care During The Cold Season

Sid The Sloth
Michigan Sloth Image Courtesy of Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo

You are in a very cold climate in some parts of the year…

What steps are taken to take care of not only the sloth but all your animals during the cold season?

All of our animals stay with us year-round and some do require special accommodations.

We have two climate-controlled heated barns for our, especially cold-sensitive residents.

Other animals like the wallabies and zebus handle our Michigan winters well, and just need an extra heating hut inside their regular enclosure to make them more comfortable on those really cold nights.

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Learn About The Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo

Sloth in Michigan Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo Sloths Pin
Made With Permissions – PINTEREST PIN
We recently added the Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo to our list of the 40 States Where You Can See a Sloth post.

After going thru their website we noticed that this zoo has a lot to offer.

They are not just a zoo where you can see a sloth in Michigan, they have a farm, a carnival, a farmer market, and much more.

A very unique zoo for sure.  So we contacted them and reached Ms. Jenny Ferels (The MANAGER of the Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo) and asked her if she would mind answering a few questions about the zoo.

She very kindly agreed, so we send her a bunch of questions, (kind of an online Interview).

We wanted to know about…

  • About The Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo
  • Petting Zoo in Michigan
  • The ZooKeeper Experience
  • Farm At The Michigan Zoo
  • Family-Friendly Venues in Michigan
  • Sloths Experience in Michigan
  • Michigan Zoo Map and Directions
  • Contact The Michigan Zoo

You can find the answers about the Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo below.

What is The Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo?

Farm View Front - Learn About The Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo
Graphic by Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo
The Michigan Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo is a fifth-generation family-owned farm.

While growing fruit is the main focus, the farm has expanded to offer guests a full day of entertainment with animals, attractions, and activities for all ages.

When was the zoo started?

The existing Market and first petting zoo barn opened in August 2004.

The farm is licensed by the USDA. Specifically dedicated to our resident sloth’s care, our head zookeeper is certified in two-toed sloth animal husbandry.

Who Started the Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo?

Lewis Farms Family Picture
Image from Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo

We heard that Cindy Lewis came up with the idea for the zoo. May we hear more from her and the other family member’s roles?

The farm has been a family affair for generations and that legacy continues!

Scott and Cindy’s sons Tyler and Brandon have grown up at the market and are now working on all aspects of the farm.

Tyler’s wife Becca is the manager in the Market.

Cindy’s mother Lillian Zerkle (aka Grandma) also works here during the summer…

Grandma will make sure you get that sample of homemade fudge before you leave!

Can You Let Us About Your Petting Zoo in Michigan?

baby goats At The Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo Petting Zoo
Image Provided by Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo

You seem to have a very intensive petting zoo with lots of animals at the Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo.

Can you provide us with additional information about your amazing Michigan petting zoo?

Petting All The Animals at The Zoo

Under ANIMALS on your site, all of them are listed under petting zoo. Are you really allowed to pet all the animals?

All of our animals are extremely friendly and enjoy meeting new human friends – especially if they have their favorite zoo food treats.

Some do require careful supervision by our zookeepers during interactions to ensure the safety of both the animals and our guests.

More Exotic Animals

feeding the camel Petting Zoo at the Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo

Did the idea start as a standard petting zoo and you added the more exotic animals along the way?

Baby goats were first, taking up residence in the garage until the first barn was completed!

Next came a miniature donkey and a miniature horse (who camped out in the front yard, awaiting barn space)!

Next, an alpaca showed up to claim an empty barn stall.  Farm guests loved the petting farm, and that spurred Cindy on!

Road trips were scheduled to collect more animals.  The zebus came from Walmart in Kentucky — well, from their parking lot, anyway!

Next came a baby camel picked up at the Burger King parking lot in Hudsonville, MI.

Our wallabies came from Ohio. Fallow deer were added from a farm in Howell, MI.  Then there are the bunnies and a village for them to live in.

And next — birds: peacocks, ducks, chickens, and pheasants. Our prairie dogs are eager to pop up and see you.

Brooke and Sid the Sloths came in 2020.

The animal and bird barnyards truly make Lewis Farms a destination for adventure.

Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo Keeper Experience

zoo keeper experience at the Lewis Adventure Farm And Zoo
Zoo Image by Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo

What is Your Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo Keeper Experience?

I see mentioned that your zoo offers a Zookeeper Adventure.

I’m guessing this like a guided tour.

Can you please tell us more about them?

How many of the animals are part of the ZooKeeper experience?

Our zookeeper experience begins with visiting the kangaroos and lemurs and evolves from there to other areas of particular interest that day.

If it’s bath day for the tortoises – guests might get to take part in tubby time!

If here during lunchtime – guests might help to bottle feed a new baby coati.

We are always thinking of new ways to safely incorporate as many animals as possible into our program.

Is the ZooKeeper experience different in that it includes more in-depth activity than the petting zoo?

Absolutely! In our zookeeper experience, guests will go INSIDE the animal exhibits with a zookeeper guiding and teaching every step of the way.

Can you pick the type of animal you want the ZooKeeper to focus on or is it several pre-chosen animals?

Kangaroos and lemurs are always included, and interaction with other animals is up to the zookeeper.

They will know the animals best and can be sure of providing the best possible experience for both the animals and our guests.

How often is there a ZooKeeper Experience?

Our zookeeper experience is available daily during our regular season from May – October.

How much does it cost? Do you need to make reservations? What age of kids is allowed?

The zookeeper experience is $49.95 per person.  Advance reservations are required.  This experience is limited to ages 6 & up.

Visit The Farm At The Michigan Zoo

Bushels of Apples Visit The Farm At The Zoo
Image Source Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo

Seems that like the idea and the concept of what could be done with the land, more was added as time went along. along with a farm.  Can you tell us about the farm at the Zoo?

This is a farm and a zoo. I’ll assume the farm and orchards were there first. How long has your family farmed there and what inspired you to add a zoo?

Now owned by Scott and Cindy Lewis, the farm market was built in the 1970s by Scott’s grandparents (Winston and Alice Lewis) and parents (Gary and Brenda Lewis).

It was closed for a few years (due to road closure and traffic rerouting) but reopened in 2003 when Cindy began selling sweet cherries at a fruit stand in the front yard!

That was such a success, leading to the removal of one apple orchard to make room for a new market building.

Lewis Farms as we know it today reopened in August 2004.

Truth is — Cindy (being a city girl!) was not sure about selling fruit.

What did excite her was the Petting Zoo that was established then also!

The collection of animals evolved (rather quickly) after Scott was persuaded to construct the first barn — built with wood planed at a sawmill right here in Oceana County!

So, you grow a wide variety of apples. Is there a reason why some types can be picked by visitors and not other types?

peach tree Pick Your Own
Used With Permission

Fruit orchards are highly regulated for food safety.

Areas of the orchard open to the public for u-pick are specifically used only for that purpose.

The apple trees found in u-pick orchards are trimmed to be short and compact, making fruit picking easily accessible without a ladder.

Apple varieties in our u-pick orchard are popular hardy varieties and specifically chosen as they tend to ripen at different times throughout the fall harvest season.

This best ensures that u-pick apples are available during our entire season, though mother nature always has the last say in that matter.

You have a beehive. Do you harvest honey?

We have several beehives throughout the orchards during the spring bloom, but they don’t stay here year-round.

We have mobile bees!

Professional beekeepers transport hives to our orchards during pollination, and once finished here they move on to other regions and continue their vital role in growing fruit.

A farmer’s market or, in this case, a farm market is a natural outgrowth of an orchard.

When did this start and are there other things that you grow besides apples?

We grow so much more than just apples!

Asparagus, sweet cherries, tart cherries, peaches, plumbs, and pumpkins are all grown here on the farm, but that’s not all.

Have you ever heard of Gerber baby food?

We deliver most of our pear crop to Gerber!

Just think, if you ate Gerber as a baby, you’ve probably tasted one of our pears!

It looks like neighboring farms contribute to your market. What types of produce do they bring?

Farm Market Storefront Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo Michigan
Used With Permission

We have wonderful local farmers who specialize in growing strawberries, blueberries, and sweet corn that we sell here in the Market.

Any dishes your bakery is famous for?

Donkey Doo!  It may have a strange name, but this delicious treat is one our bakery is famous for.

An absolutely delicious mound of cinnamon sugar-coated pastry pieces baked together until sweet and gooey – they melt in your mouth.

Our bakery team arrives before dawn every day to make fresh homemade goodies.

Family Venues At The Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo in Michigan

Family Venues At The Lewis Farm Zoo in Michigan

You have quite a bit of things to enjoy at your zoo for the whole family to enjoy. Can you let us know about other venues that the family can enjoy?

We call it agritainment – farm-themed attractions and activities that bring an exciting level of entertainment to our agricultural operation.

We have the corny barn – a giant barn filled with dry corn kernels to play in, kind of like a corn swimming pool.

There’s the slides made from the drainage pipe, a train made from old barrels, and a real working old-fashioned windmill that pumps water into our pond.

One of our most popular activities is the apple cannons.
Giant air-powered cannons that can send apples flying through the air at speeds up to 60mph.

The orchards Make a Beautiful backdrop for weddings? How long ago did this begin?

Orchard Wedding at The Lewis Adventure Farm And Zoo
Image Use With Permission from Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo

As classic country weddings became increasingly popular in the Midwest about 5 years ago.

We knew we had the perfect spot! Nestled in one of our heirloom apple orchards, the ceremony site is beautiful when the trees are just blossoming or filled with fruit.

Receptions are held beneath a lovely pavilion twinkling with romantic lights. For a special touch of whimsy…guests can visit our unique collection of animals and birds.

Can locations be rented for birthdays, meetings, and other events?

Celebrations at the farm are unique and memorable. We offer Party Pens – a place to gather your whole “herd” for a day of fun!

Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo Map

Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo Map Michigan Sloth Encounter
Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo Michigan Map

We used google maps to find some points that may guide you to the zoo.

  1. North-East of Chicago, IL (210 Miles)
  2. North-West of Detroit, MI (221 Miles)
  3. Across Lake Michigan from Milwaukee, WI (117 Miles by Ferry)
  4. North East of Grand Rapids, MI (65.2 Miles)
  5. Lansing, MI (132 Miles)

Where is the Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo? The Michigan Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo address is 4180 W M20 New Era, MI 49446

Just of US 31 between Muskegon & Ludington.

Sloths In Michigan Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo Contact

If you would like to visit the Michigan Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo you can use the info below to contact them.

Before You pay them a visit please SHARE this post to let others know.

  • Phone: 231-861-5730
  • Address: 4180 W M20 New Era, MI 49446
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

We Hope You Like Our Post About The Sloths in Michigan

Sid the Sloth Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo Michigan Sloth

Sloth of The DayThe Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo in Michigan has a lot to offer.

Between the 100’s of cool animals, the farm, the venues, the petting zoo, and the other amenities… there is plenty to choose from and enjoy.

We wish to give special thanks to Ms. Jenny Ferels for taking the time to answer the questions.

I’m sure the whole family could find something to enjoy and for us sloth lovers a possible sloth encounter in Michigan.

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If you have any questions, please contact us or check out our About Us page.

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