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Meet Coconut the Sloth St. Louis Aquarium’s New Ambassador

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Meet the St. Louis Aquarium’s newest animal ambassador; Coconut the sloth. She’s is getting used to us humans, so you might get to meet her when you visit the St. Louis Aquarium.

Coconut the Sloth as Animal Ambassador

This is a follow up from our post – Sloths Coming Soon to New St. Louis Missouri Aquarium. The St. Louis Aquarium uses animals as ambassadors. They come out at different times and you can learn about them and get up close to see them.

There are a variety of small mammals, birds, and reptiles that are part of this program such as turtles, skinks, and hissing cockroaches.

Now joining this line-up is Coconut the sloth. She’s currently still learning her role in this program and so won’t be added to the regular schedule until later, but she is coming out randomly now so she can get used to large groups of people.

The aquarium’s care team is letting Coconut’s comfort govern when she appears. As she becomes more accustomed to her role she will come out more often.

She starts this week, the week of Feb. 9, to come out some mornings soon after the aquarium opens at 9 am. She’ll have breakfast and have a chance to visit with anyone who happens to be there.

Again, these are random appearances, for now, so she won’t be there every morning. But you could get lucky.

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Coconut The Sloth Birthday Will Be Soon

Coconut the sloth will turn a year old on Feb. 20. so she’s a Pisces, in case you want to know if you’re compatible. She’s never seen the wild, having been born around humans and coming from another zoological facility. The media was told of her arrival on Feb. 6.

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She’s a Linnaeus’ two-toed sloth and weighs about 2.5 lbs. but don’t tell her I told you her weight, she may not like that. She sleeps about 20 hours a day, but that’s normal for her age.

Adults sleep about 15 to 20 hours. Because she’s still so young, the aquarium’s handlers let her, literally, hang on them during the day. That’s because she would normally be hanging on her mother for two years and would stay close to mom, as in nearby, for another two years.

Coconut’s human helpers say she has a very calm disposition except at mealtime, then she gets excited and active. Well, who doesn’t? And one of the zoo employees thought her head looked like a coconut, so that’s what they named her.

So When Can You See Coconut The Sloth?

It’s not known yet when Coconut the sloth will officially begin her duties, but when she does, she’ll be at the Animal Encounters area on the second floor.

To find out when she’s there and to know when some of the other animals will be available to meet, go to their Facebook page at ‘St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station’ or to Twitter at @aquariumstl.

You’ll also get all other updates and current information about coconut the sloth and other events and exhibits coming up.

Where Can We Meet Coconut The Sloth

St. Louis MO Aquarium
201 S 18th St,
St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 923-3900
WEB: stlouisaquarium.com
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/aquariumstl

“Your journey through the St. Louis Aquarium starts along a freshwater river and the shallow waters of a salt marsh then moves into the deep, dark abyss of the ocean open. Browse our galleries to see what’s in store for you when you spend an afternoon at the most unique indoor attraction in St. Louis!” – Source: stlouisaquarium.com

You can view the map to the St Louis Aquarium (map) below:

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We Hope You Liked This Post About Coconut The Sloth

Meet Coconut the Sloth St. Louis Aquarium's New Ambassador

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We will soon have the opportunity to meet coconut the sloth. Check it out if you live nearby. Please send us some images and videos to post here at Sloth of The Day.

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We hope you enjoyed this little post.  If we missed any details please do let us know. Comments are always appreciated and welcome as well. Sloth on 🙂

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