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Tiny Baby Sloths in Onesies Will Make You Go Aaw


Okay, a baby in a little onesie is adorable, right? What about a baby sloth in a onesie? No, no, make that two baby sloths in onesies. That’s right, it’s two, two cute.

The Sloth Onesie is a Treatment

You see, it’s not just about making them look adorable. There’s a reason.

The sloths actually have mange and need a treatment containing lard developed by Judy Avey-Arroyo at this sanctuary.

The little things get shaved since they’re not old enough to shave and then they’re wrapped in gauze with a colored or patterned gauze put over the first plain layer, that looks like a onesie.

This is so the baby sloths won’t lick off the treatment. When the mange is gone, they grow a new coat of hair.

Until then they model these cute little onesies.

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  1. Clicked on the thumbnail and watched this video overwhelmed by its cute, till I found out THE TRUTH. This horrible person has inflicted so much cruelty on hundreds of these poor, defenseless animals! Easy to abuse the ones who cannot speak for themselves :'( She and her equally disgusting friends, the Richardson brothers, put on this front of being the ultimate messiahs for these animals while they implement none of their great rehabilitation and rescue plans, instead spreading dangerously false information, putting up cutesy stuff out to emotionally sway the public, and then using none of the money for acquiring the tools and resources needed to actually heal and then rehabilitate them into the wild.
    SHAME ON THEM! They should not be allowed anywhere near animals.

  2. its like sick sloth joke they tell each other at night: "First they shave you, then they dress you up in silly clothes." "Don't they know they look ridiculous?"

  3. If an animal is severely infested you can't kill mites by "buttering it with remedy" because they dig themselves/their eggs into the skin. Mites are very resistant. Nothing helps except medicine of the Anthelmintic-group (Selamectin etc.) which is usually applicated as a light fluid that dries immediately on skin. No pyjamas needed!

  4. This Judy lady is a scam and a known animal abuser!!! The entire Sloth Sanctuary has been reported for animal torture and mistreatment! Read the article The Dodo posted about them. Please PLEASE spread the word so that people are made aware of this horrible place! Even if u don't thumbs up this comment, please post your own comment about it…people need to know.

  5. OK but pleeeease look up the horrific treatment that this conservatory gives to its many sloths. It's a true hellscape in this place. Please take this video down or edit the description to reflect the fact that almost no sloths are returned to the wild and that both of these baby sloths died a few days later.


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