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Tiny Baby Sloths in Onesies Will Make You Go Aaw


Tiny Baby Sloths in Onesies Will Make You Go Aaw. Okay, a baby in a little onesie is adorable, right?

What about a baby sloth in a onesie? No, no, make that two baby sloths in onesies. That’s right, it’s two, two cute.

Tiny Baby Sloths in Onesies

You see, it’s not just about making them look adorable. There’s a reason.

The tiny baby sloth in onesies actually has mange and needs a treatment containing lard developed by Judy Avey-Arroyo at this sanctuary.

The little things get shaved since they’re not old enough to shave and then they’re wrapped in gauze with a colored or patterned gauze put over the first plain layer, that looks like a onesie.

This is so the baby sloths won’t lick off the treatment. When the mange is gone, they grow a new coat of hair.

Until then they model these cute little onesies.

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