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Zootopia Movie Trailer Featuring DMV Sloths


The DMV sloths are probably the most recognized element of the Disney movie Zootopia. Here’s the official movie trailer featuring the DMV scene.

Even Sloths Enjoy a Good Joke

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde just want to get some quick information at the DMV. But things move a little slow there. Maybe it’s because every single employee is a sloth.

They’re extremely helpful if you have the patience. And they enjoy a good joke, just make sure you schedule extra time if you decide to do a little standup in line.

They’ll appreciate it, they will even if those in line behind you don’t.

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  1. Flash: What…… can I…… do……
    Judy: Well, I was hoping you could run a pla…
    Flash: …… for you……
    Judy: Well, I was hoping you could…
    Flash: …… today?
    Judy: Well, I was hoping you could run a plate for us.

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