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What Sound Does a Sloth Make Video


What Does a Sloth Sound Like? Sloth communication is a bit hard since, well, sloths don’t speak very often. They’re usually the strong, silent type.

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What Does a Sloth Sound Like Video

When a female sloth is in the mood for love she gives out a love call, more like a high pitched squeal, but it’s music to the male’s ears and he comes crawling. Very slowly of course

Baby sloths seem to talk more often than adult sloths. A baby sloth sounds like a tiny lamb, a baaa sound. If the baby sloth seems agitated, its cry is more of a squee sound.

In this video two adorably baby sloth make sounds and it looks as if they are trying to communicate. Cute Adorable Baby Sloth Videos

Do you think the sloth sounds like another animal you know? Can you try to make the sound you think a baby sloth makes?

Another Baby Sloth Sounds Video

If you have any sloth unanswered questions about baby sloths check out our post 37 Most Common Sloth Questions Finally Answered, leave us a comment below or contact us. We will do some research and find the answers to your questions!! Aren’t these sloths simply adorable?

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