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Halloween Sloths Scary Night Story by Ms Margie Sue

Halloween Sloths Scary Night Story by Ms Margie Sue

Halloween Sloths Scary Night Story by Ms. Margie Sue. Sloth Halloween Story is a tale about the life of a sloth in the forest right before Halloween.

Halloween Sloths Scary Night

Sloth Halloween Scary Night

The night was quiet in the rainforest. The crickets were chirping, of course, and a frog or owl could be heard sometimes, but, otherwise, it was a typical, peaceful night, just the way Sloth liked it.

It didn’t stay quiet for long. The animals started crying out and moving out of hiding.

Night animals like raccoons and armadillos joined day animals like orangutans and elephants in raising an alarm.

Birds flew everywhere, their colorful feathers blurring like fans. And the howler monkeys set up a terrific howl.

“Bats! Run!” they were crying and when the sloth looked about the sky, he saw lots and lots of bats flying overhead, blocking the stars as they went by so that they seemed to blink on and off.

“Run!” thought Sloth and he reached his arm to the next branch and pulled himself over. By this time, all the animals had left. But Sloth continued, moving at the speed of a snail.

Slowly, he became aware of something beneath him. A quick flash of reflected light. Looking down he saw two eyes shining from the light of the full moon.

There’s Something Watching Our Halloween Sloths

There is Something Watching Our Halloween Sloth

“Yikes!” thought Sloth and stopped. As his eyes adjusted to the darker gloom of the forest floor, he could tell the eyes belonged to a black jaguar. And the jaguar had seen him move.

Sloth was more afraid of the jaguar than he was of the bats. He stayed very still and hoped the jaguar would think that wind moved the tee limb.

But the jaguar didn’t think that. He thought something had moved up there and he wanted it. That wouldn’t be good for sloth, so he kept very, very still.

The jaguar circled around under the tree. Then he leaped up and dug into the bark with his sharp, pointy claws. Oh no, he’s coming up!

The sloth thought the jaguar would get him when the strangest thing happened. The night sky was filled with faces with glowing eyes, noses, and mouths.

Some were frowning, some smiling, some had round eyes, others looked out of triangles, many had sharp teeth and all were very scary.

The faces descended out of the sky, past the sloth, and came right at the jaguar. The big, black cat snarled and swiped at the strange heads, but there were too many.

Losing his grip on the bark, the jaguar fell and landed on his paws in the underbrush.

The faces kept swooping around him, making small squeals, until the jaguar became afraid.

Finally, he jumped over one of the faces and ran off into the rainforest, escaping as quickly as he could.

Sloth watched the whole encounter from his branch. He was thankful that the jaguar was gone, but now the faces were coming to him!

They hovered above him some distance away, except for one that came right up to him.

“Are you okay?” asked the grinning face. What do you say to a grinning face? Sloth decided to just say yes, he was okay.

Then from behind the face came a bat. “Oh no”, thought Sloth.

“We saw the jaguar cornering you, so we came and chased him off”, explained the bat.

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Halloween Sloths Gets a Surprise

Sloth Gets a Surprise

“Thank you”, stammered Sloth. He looked warily at the face, which hadn’t changed its expression the whole time.

“Oh”, said the bat, noticing that Sloth was afraid. “This is a gourd. A woodpecker carved a face on it.”

“Why does it glow?” asked Sloth, still nervous.

“Come out, guys!” called the bat and out of the gourd flew a team of fireflies, making the face dark and lighting the night around the sloth and the bat.

“Oh!” exclaimed Sloth, delighted. “But, why did you make glowing faces?”

“It’s Halloween”, was the reply. “Every Halloween we fly together and celebrate. The carved gourds are part of that. It scares away bad things so we have a good new year.”

Sloth was glad. “I like that”, he said.

The bat talked briefly with the fireflies and then asked if Sloth would like to keep this gourd as a night light in case the jaguar came back. The fireflies had agreed to stay.

“Oh, thank you! That would be wonderful!” Sloth replied.

So the gourd was nestled in a neighboring branch, the fireflies went back in and the bat took his leave, saying, “I need to join the others, we have a lot of air to cover.”

“Goodbye and thank you so much, thank you, too, fireflies.” Sloth was so happy to find the bats were friendly after all.

For the rest of the night, Sloth settled comfortably in his tree with a big glowing, smiling face right beside him. And it was the best Sloth Halloween he ever had.

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Halloween Sloth Scary Night Story by Ms Margie Sue

Ms. Margie Sue is the Editor and Researcher here at Sloth of The Day. She likes to write and enjoys writing small stories like this Halloween Sloths Story.

She has also written these stories:

If you like this one please let her know in the comments below. She would greatly appreciate it.

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