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Sloths In Costa Rica Sanctuary Meet Taz and Annie


Sloths In Costa Rica Sanctuary Meet Taz and Annie. They’re not shy and just as cute as can be. Watch them check out their new home.

Sloths In Costa Rica Sanctuary

A Place to Call Home for These Sloths. These two sloths are at a sanctuary, so they are probably rescues.

They seem to get along well and the attendants tell us a little something about them.

They explore and don’t care who’s watching as they go about their business.

Both Taz and Annie look like they want to get out of their little home and explore outside of it, but there’s no rush to catch them.

They’ll be a while and they might just be exploring the edges of their new home. Maybe they’re thinking of decorations.

When I first saw these Sloths In Costa Rica, I couldn’t stop laughing. How could you say no when they’re this adorable? I really like this video; it’s highly memorable.

So adorable and amusing! To me, the boys in the backdrop make it even cuter! I adore how enthusiastic they are about the sloths’ antics.

The sloth sanctuary even has its own television show, “Meet The Sloths.” It’s well worth your time to have a look.

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