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Man Gets to Pet a Three-Toed Sloth While Crossing Road


What would you do if you were crossing a road and a sloth was crossing with you? This person decided to give him a little pat on the back.

Just a Little Pat on the Back Between Friends

The street is busy, you can hear it in the background, but this sloth is determined to get where he’s going.

Fortunately, the tree he wants is on his side of the road. On the way, a fellow traveler comes up and pats him on the back.

Just a little encouragement for the journey. I’m not sure what the sloth thinks of that. What do you think he makes of it?

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You can view the Source for Petting a Wild Three-Toed Sloth Here.

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  1. Typical video where the person doesn't realize the sloth just wants to be left alone. Yup, just gotta get that video for my Facebook page that no one cares about.

  2. I’d like to chill with the sloth and split a pizza and a six pack of Heineken. I’d call him Pablo and make him wear custom fitted sloth guayaberas. We’d be tight. He’d help me bang lots of Colombian mamacitas and I’d keep him in lush foliage and bad ass threads!

  3. I watch a video of 10 slowest animals and three toed sloth was on there and it said "if ya don't like sloths then ya have problems"

  4. Cool Wilson found that tree not as a sanctuary he found that tree to take a shit, lol that's what Sloths are doing when they are hugging the bottom of a tree, cool vid!

  5. "This human, for all I know, could very well intend to kill me, skin me, and throw me in a boiling pot and have me for dinner…

    …oh, well. My butt itches…"


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