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How Well Do Sloths Swim? Very Well As It Turns Out.


You see a sloth swimming by. Oh, no! Let’s get it onto land. That might not be the best idea. Turns out the sloth probably wanted to take a swim.

Sloth Cross the River To Get to the Other Side

It turns out that when you see a sloth swimming, they meant to do that.

They often want to get to something on the farther shore. If you take them out of the water to help them, you’re actually hindering them.

They swim much better than they walk or climb and swimming is about the fastest that they move. And sometimes they’re traveling to their love.

Yep, sometimes they’re mate is over there waiting for a rendezvous.

So they’re not likely to thank you. The best thing you can do is wish them Bon Voyage.

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