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The Popularity of Sloth An Inside Edition Report

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Sloths are extremely popular. So much so, that Inside Edition sent their Chief Investigative Correspondent to find out why. Here are her findings.

What Makes Sloths Popular?

Lisa Guerrero went to The Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, FL to find out why sloths are so popular.

It cost her over a hundred dollars for about fifteen minutes with the sloth.

She looked at what it takes to care for a sloth and the illegal poaching of sloths just for profit.

She didn’t seem to really uncover the actual cause of their popularity, except for their cuteness and the fact that they’re exotic and very cute.

She did find that it’s better for the sloths to remain in the rainforest and have more limited contact with us.

Disappointing, but if you love something you do what’s best for them.

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    How would you feel falling to the ground and then going in a bag

    Stupid idiots
    Treating animals like trash

    I wish to kill them

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  2. I love sloth so much that all of my teachers got me sloth stuffanimals I also got to go meet sloths in Florida and I have a very special picture of meeting them I even had a birthday party about sloths I had also done a lot of research about them my favorite teacher wad getting gift for all of the kids in my class she didn't know what to get the others but she new what to get me and btw with another teacher they had sloth videos and that's a horrible way to treat thease animals in th3 last one

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