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Why Are Sloths So Slow? Video Lets Us Know Why


Why Are Sloths So Slow? Sloths move so slowly that they are able to support entire ecosystems in their fur. Also, they only poop once a week.

Why Are Sloths So Slow?

You know how slow they move, the sloths.  People always wondered why they move so slow.  This video lets us know the reason why sloths are so slow.  Check it out.

From giraffes and gorillas to penguins and pandas, every animal is part of THE BIG FEED. This fascinating documentary takes you behind the enclosures, chronicling the challenges of feeding animals in the zoo.

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  1. Fun Question: I wonder how long it takes a Sloth to actually Procreate? For Felines, its a matter of seconds… For Humans its' whenever we decide. But what about Sloths?

    Think about this for a second…. Sloths don't want to waste any energy so, are we talking short slow rhythmic thrusts or what? lol

  2. One time my uncle and I were in a forest together and we were hunting ducks. So, my uncle had to go to the bathroom and he defected behind a tree. Then, the next thing I know, he’s sucking off a sloth on his back. The end.

  3. Sloths are very slow because we named them Sloth.
    Road runners didn't exist until we created roads.
    Anteaters didn't eat ants until we started calling them that.

    Becareful what you call others, sometimes it sticks.


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