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Try Not To Touch The Sloth Fun Online Video Challenge


Try Not To Touch The Sloth Challenge. A group of people has a game challenge where the contestants cannot touch something that is put in front of them.

Try Not To Touch The Sloth Challenge

It is kind of a reality show, where they can’t touch. They give there point of view and funny comments. You lose the game when you touch any part of it.

First, they had a magnet, then a pillow that changes colors when you rub it.

Then a piece of cheesecake, who can ignore cheesecake?
When they bring the money, well It did not last long. I would have taken the $5 myself 🙂

Who Cannot Touch Adorable KittensKittens! That’s cheating! Who can avoid touching the kittens? They are simply adorable.

Finally, they bring Sid the Sloth. An actual sloth in a wooden rack.

Everyone is awed of the sloth, and can’t Touch The Sloth, at first, but eventually, they do. Who can avoid Sid the Sloth? Sloth on everyone.

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