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Sloth Crosses Road with a Little Help from a Friend


The food looks so good but the road is so long. What’s a sloth to do? Get across with a little help from a friend, of course.

Boyscout Helps Little Old Sloth Across the Street

When a sloth wants a snack and the snack is all the way across the street, what’s a sloth gonna do? Start sloowly going across, I guess.

Sigh. But, wait! Here comes a good samaritan to get the sloth across in record time.

Not only that, but he’s delivered right onto the tree. What service!

The sloth gives a wave of thanks and the samaritan goes on his way, knowing he’s done his good deed for the day.

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  1. See, I believe in evolution and creationism. Evolution because 95% it seems obvious. But also intelligent design because of the sloth. No way does evolution explain how sloths didn't go extinct like the second one appeared in geological history. They … are … so …. f—-ing … slow. God wanted something like this as a fun pet or something. I mean what niche do they fill? There's a need for a wild animal with the reaction time of a brain dead monkey? How is being slow and lethargic (with no shell like a tortoise) equate to being the fittest in any category?!? I mean, unless they've actually gotten faster and stronger in the past 500,000 years.


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