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Cute Baby Sloths Get Bundled Up to Keep Warm


Baby Sloths Get Bundled Up in special outfits to keep them warm and comfortable with much love and care. Cute Orphan  Abandoned sloth being taken care of.

Baby Sloths Get Bundled Up

Baby sloths have to be swaddled in special outfits to keep them warm.  15 baby sloths are being taken care of in this sloth rescue center.

Ms. Judy has been taking care of these sloth babies for many years and has adapted extremely well to find out the best ways to take care of these adorable creatures.

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  1. "In place of their mom they have a teddy or a friend to hug at all times."

    I would be more than happy to spend all day being hugged by a baby sloth.

  2. I see the comments are few years old but I would love to know how these two are doing now

    Sloths have Very High Anxiety and depression (yes depression) and this goes to high levels when handled and they literally have heart attacks and die.

    I have never seen a baby sloth handled this way and yes understandable why this had to be done but still my heart went out to this little guy

    Yes I would love to know the update on them


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