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Traveling Sloth Encounter at Gadsden Alabama

NEW Traveling Sloth Encounter Gadsden Mall Alabama State
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Enjoy a Traveling Sloth Encounter at Gadsden Mall in Alabama. If you live near Gadsden Mall Alabama you can enjoy a sloth encounter.  Enjoy this sloth event.

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Traveling Sloth Encounter at Gadsden Mall

Enjoy a Traveling Sloth Encounter at Gadsden Mall in Alabama. Live in or near Gadsden, Alabama and want to experience a real sloth encounter? Well, guess what? You don’t have to go anywhere, the sloth is coming to you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait long. He’s getting a ride.

The See a Sloth natural history exhibit will be at the Gadsden Mall in Gadsden, Alabama from 10 am to 5 pm on Friday, July 26 and Saturday, July 27 in the old JC Penny area of the mall. They’re not only bringing the sloth, but also an opossum, snakes, birds, about thirty different exotic animals, even an armadillo.

The Foundation for Animal Rescue and Education (FARE), partnered with Little Ray’s Nature Centers (link), have been presenting these encounters for about 20 years. Both organizations are centered in Ontario, Canada and in the past, have gone throughout Canada and the northern states in the U.S. instructing people about proper animal care and animal and habitat conservation. They try to find places that aren’t near a zoo so that it’s easier for those residents to see these types of animals.

Now, they’re moving on to the southern U.S., starting in Alabama in places like Mobile, Auburn, Dothan and…..Gadsden. There will be other cities included, too.

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Traveling Sloth Encounter For Education

This event is not only educational, but monies raised go to Little Ray’s and various conservation/rescue organizations in other parts of the world.

Eight staff members from FARE, including professional biologists and animal experts, will be joined by local volunteers to put on two programs, one on reptiles and invertebrates and another on mammals and birds, in addition to showing you the animals, including the sloth, up close and personal like.

Our traveling sloth and his buddies all come from little Ray’s, who take care of hundreds of rescued and unwanted pets until they find a home or a permanent place to live, maybe even back into the wild.

If you know someone who may not do well in crowds or might need special accommodations to enjoy their sloth experience, there will be a special time set aside at 9 am on Saturday for them and their families.

Admission fees offset expenses and are further donations for animal care, but if someone can’t pay, something might be worked out. The organizers want anyone who wants to, to have a chance to see the sloth and his pals.

More Info On This Traveling Sloth Event

The get more information on these special circumstances, tickets, volunteering or just the event itself, you can contact them at these web addresses.

8 Cool Sloth Sanctuary Around the World

Location: Gadsden Mall, 1001 Rainbow Dr., Gadsden, AL 35901
Website: Gadsden Mall
Email: Info@fareconservation.com
Tickets: Fare.whitelabeltickets.com/en/pages
Phone: 256-547-0501

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NEW Traveling Sloth Encounter Gadsden Mall Alabama State

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