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The DMV Sloths Scene from Zootopia on Sloth of the Day


DMV Sloths No matter how the DMV may feel about it, the DMV sloths scene from Zootopia is popular. It’s just about the most well-known scene in the movie.

DMV SlothsZootopia Sloth Scene

The DMV sloth may be slow, but they’re friendly. Service with a smile.

Jokes welcome, too, if you have the time. Be very sure you have the time. It won’t do to be in a hurry.

Patience is a virtue after all. Take the time to watch this scene from Zootopia if you haven’t seen it or just revisit it if you have.

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  1. I laugh so hard 😂😭😂😭💀when I saw this scene…. thinking about the Dept Motor Vehicle here in VA. I cried cause it is,So True.😭

  2. So this slow motion of governement employees work happen in every country it seems 😀. Funny and ironic at the same time.
    I like how this movie simbolizes "this fact" brutally.

  3. 2:11 if you look closely you can see nick checking her out, and you can see nicks eyes moving a bit down he’s probably looking at another place too 😂😂😂😏


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