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If you like to see sloths, we have found Eight new sloth exhibits in the United States to satisfy your sloth cravings. Good News! There is sloth near you.
Slowest Sloth Exhibit featuring a sloth named Barry at the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory. A whole exhibit of the slowest animals ever.
Coconut the Sloth St. Louis Aquarium's New Ambassador. She's is getting used to humans, so you could meet her at the Saint Louis Aquarium.
PA Sloth Encounter Near You. Want a chance at a PA sloth encounter? Go to the mall too? Go to the Chambersburg Mall and see a visiting sloth
Seaquest Folsom Sloth New Baby sloth has arrived and everyone is so excited about it. There was a new baby sloth born at Seaquest Folsom
Houston Interactive Animal Adventure. Get ready for the Houston Interactive Animal Adventure. You can pet, feed, and take pictures of sloths.
First Sloth Encounter by Leo Garcia From Slothoftheday. Well after 2 years of working on Slothoftheday.com I finally get my very first Sloth Encounter.
New Sloth Exhibit Opens May 25th in Indianapolis Zoo. Indianapolis Zoo has opened a Sloth Exhibit where you can see sloths and may even hold.