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Sloth Life here at Sloth of the day. We have made some cool posts in the past and we wanted to bring some out for everyone to see again.
Can You Own A Sloth in The USA? Owning a sloth in the USA is possible, but there are some things you need to consider before you try to own a sloth in the US.
Newborn Baby Sloths Hugging Each Other Image. What's more enjoyable to watch than a sloth?  I tell you what, Two Baby Sloths Hugging is what.
New Baby Sloth Drinking From a Bottle Image. Here is a newborn baby sloth that needed care and was being provided by helpful people.
Baby Sloth With Mom Image. There is nothing cuter than a sloth, but a sloth hanging around with mom, well that just goes beyond being cute.
Sloth Baby Hanging On A Branch Picture in Costa Rica - Article about kids saving the rainforest while working at an animal sanctuary.
Upside Down Baby Sloth Image From The Web that I like. The cute sloth face is simply adorable. Would love to make a wall sticker with it.
Adorable White Baby Sloth Image that is just a pleasure to watch. Adorable black eyes with white fur make a nice contrast.
Grumpy baby sloth image. Someone took this picture of a sloth that was just waking up.  Looks like someone is not very happy being waking up.  
Adorable Baby Sloth in a Cup Image. Here is a picture of an adorable baby sloth in a cup.  One of the favorite sloth pictures on our FB page.

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