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Slowest Sloth Exhibit Of the Slowest Animals Ever


Slowest Sloth Exhibit. It’s a slug, it’s a snail, no it’s….well maybe those too. But it’s a whole Survival of the Slowest sloth exhibit of slow animals, featuring a sloth named Barry at the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory.

Survival of the Slowest Sloth Exhibit

Every year on Family Day, Niagara Parks has a special exhibit from Little Ray’s Nature Centres. This year Family Day falls on Feb 17. Little Ray’s and Niagara Parks have been doing this since the special day was started. You can learn more about Little Ray’s Nature Centres here.

This year will feature the Survival of the Slowest Exhibit featuring a sloth along with a variety of other animals that are speed challenged. The dates of this exhibit are from Feb. 15, until May 31, 2020. You can find this special event at the Butterfly Conservatory.

Barry the two-toed sloth was named for Barry “The Flash” Allen. Other animals you’ll find will be Hammer the green iguana, who is apparently just hanging with the red-footed tortoises, a pixie frog, a veiled chameleon, a tarantula, a horned frog, a hedgehog, a gecko and a snake among others. Plus, you’ll get to pet and maybe hold some of the animals.

How Some Animals Keep Safe

Since a lot of these animals don’t move fast, or can but don’t necessarily want to like the Iguana, how do they keep away from fast-moving predators? Some, like the snake use venom.

They dart out and bite prey or predators and that slows everybody down. Horned frogs wrap themselves in their own shed skin. Some use camouflage, like the algae that grow on the sloth’s fur to make it look like part of the tree.

Sloths also stay high up in trees so that it’s harder to see or get to them. Many animals are up at night and sleep all day to avoid daytime predators.

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Little Ray’s and Niagara Parks

Little Ray’s Nature Centres have been around since 1995 and are one of the largest animal rescue centers in Canada. It’s accredited by the Canadian Association of Accredited Zoos and Aquariums and licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

It collaborates with the Canadian Museum of Nature to present these interactive events all through Canada and in parts of the U.S.

You can see Barry the sloth at this Slowest Sloth Exhibit. He was bred by a veterinarian in the interests of conservation and for the purpose of providing education about conservation to the public.

Kevin Dungey of the Niagara Parks is very interested in these interactive programs. It’s his wish to see that every child gets a chance to spend some time with these animals and especially to learn about any that may be endangered in the area where they live.

It’s hoped that the personal experience will be a springboard for some of them to possibly become involved in conservation efforts as adults.

The Butterfly Conservatory

The Butterfly Conservatory Sloth of The DayThe Butterfly Conservatory is home to over 2,000 butterflies of about 45 species. Approximately, 40% were raised there and the rest were imported from places like South America and the Philippines.

Shrubs and trees sprinkled with vibrant hot-house flowers line paths throughout the conservatory, so you can stroll and look at all the varieties of butterflies while enjoying the flora that abounds.

The price of the Survival of the Slowest exhibit is included in the price of admission to the Butterfly Conservatory.

Where is the Survival of the Slowest Sloth Exhibit Being Held?

Survival of the Slowest Sloth Exhibit. For more information about this about you can contact them below.

Niagara Parks Commission
Oak Hall
P.O. Box 150
7400 Portage Road
Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6T2


Website: niagaraparks.com/visit/attractions/butterfly-conservatory/
Instagram: instagram.com/niagaraparks/
Facebook: facebook.com/niagaraparks
Twitter: twitter.com/niagaraparks
Youtube: youtube.com/user/NiagaraParksComm

You can view the map to Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory (map) below:

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