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Squeaky Sloths Are So Adorable with Their Baby Talk


What’s cuter than a little baby trying to talk. Little baby lion roars, lambs baaing, puppy yips, kitty mews, and sloths with their adorable little squeaks. Somebody get that little baby some milk.

Is That a Sloth Squeaking I Hear?

Lucy Cooke has put together a mix of baby sloths squeaking up a storm.

She’s the moderator of slothville.com and the founder of the Sloth Appreciation Society.

There’s a little difference between the two-toed and three-toed sloth squeaks, but both are super sweet.

These babies are just as curious about the world as any other and they have quite a commentary on what they’re discovering out there.

It’s a great big world to explore out there, so go little sloths and tell us all about it.

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