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See Hold a Sloth in Alabama at The Birmingham Zoo

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See Hold a Sloth in Alabama at The Birmingham Zoo as they have a few sloths that you can encounter.

Encountering the Birmingham Alabama Zoo sloths is a must-experience you ideally need to include in your ‘to-do list.

Sloths in Alabama can be seen at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and the Birmingham AL Zoo.

Below you will find information about the Sloths at The Birmingham Zoo in Alabama.

Sloths at The Birmingham Zoo in Alabama

Sloths at The Birmingham Zoo in Alabama Sloth Encounter Pin
If you happen to be a sloth lover and live anywhere near Birmingham Alabama… then you should think of taking your sloth encounter to another level.

You can find Sloths at The Birmingham Zoo in Alabama. The Birmingham Zoo is located at 2630 Cahaba, in Birmingham, Alabama.

When you visit you can have a remarkable sloth experience at the Birmingham Alabama Zoo.

With its 66 years of handling visitors and guests, The Birmingham AL Zoo has a lot to mention.

Think of exclusive membership spread from one adult to a family composed of 2 adults and 6 children.

This membership is renewably coupled with amazing benefits.

Then there comes your favorite bit of the day – the sloth encounter.

It is not fair to see an animal of your preference in an up and close manner then walk away without touching, holding, or petting it.

At the zoo, you overrun such a bad experience and get to feel the sloths to your fullest.

Sloths at The Birmingham Zoo in Alabama

As a sloth fanatic, you must be well conversant with the types of them. That the two-toed and three-toed sloths.

Now, in The Birmingham Alabama Zoo, you will get to meet only the Hoffman’s two-toed sloths.

Sources don’t have the exact time they were brought into the zoo, but the truth is they are homelier here from the look of things, have spent longer here.

They are fed mainly fed on fruits and flowers in the zoo.

Birmingham AL Zoo keepers always ensure that their sloths are not exposed to any sort of discomfort lest the sloths suffer great distress.

Meet The Sloths at The Birmingham Zoo in Alabama

Encountering the Birmingham AL Zoo sloths is a must-experience you ideally need to include in your ‘to-do list.

Meeting these slow-moving animals as they hang on their enclosures guests to the zoo as educative.

As mentioned earlier, the sloths here are two-toed.

This means that on each forefoot there are singled-out two toes only.

At each end of the toe, there are sharp claws that are long and curved.

However, on the rear feet, there are three toes that are also clawed.

Such a special adaptation is for ease of movement, clinging, and hanging on trees since sloths spend nearly 95% of their life hanging.

Apart from the number of toes, other additional features differentiate sloths of the Birmingham Zoo from their three-toed cousins.

These include their snouts which are considerably longer, their toes on the forefeet which are separate, and lack of hair on the soles of all feet.

Sloths are nocturnal animals. But at the Birmingham AL Zoo, they have trained to deal with the light of the day.

The ‘lazy’ and slow movers in this zoo don’t like to be bothered.

Even the time you set aside to go a visit them means nothing to them.

Sloths have small eyes which limits their eyesight but a very good sense of smell that helps them in locating their prey.

That said, they may notice your presence, but they won’t acknowledge it.

They find pleasure left alone to just hang in their enclosure without disturbance.

The zookeepers of the Birmingham Alabama Zoo are dedicated staff who will make your encounter with sloths worthwhile and unforgettable.

They have trained the sloths here out of their profession to provide the needed enrichment guest would expect.

Such unique moments are made even more educative as the keepers are open to answer questions vividly and provide further knowledge of sloths you didn’t have.

Hold Sloths at the Birmingham Zoo

Can You Hold a Sloths at the Birmingham Zoo? Management of this zoo knows that embedded onto our heart as human beings, is a natural desire for the love of animals especially of our preference.

Upon seeing them or having them closer, we will have a deep feeling of wanting to touch and hold them.

The Board of Directors and management of the Birmingham AL Zoo, have your love for animals taken care of.

In the zoo, you will have a lovely experience with sloths in an up-close and personal way.

Speaking of sloths’ experience, the zoo has ‘Sloth Encounter’ purposely meant for an exhaustive interaction with sloths.

During this time, you will get as close as you wish to the two-toed sloths kept in the zoo.

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You will have fun feeding them from a stick but only with the food they prefer and approved by the zookeepers.

Furthermore, you will have a chance of touching and holding- yes holding the sloths.

Unfortunately, in as much as you may enjoy holding them, sloths don’t like that.

Holding them scares the courage in them and stresses them severely.

So the keepers would recommend that you make your one-on-one interaction with their sloths as brief as possible.

Don’t be rude or frustrated. After all, you are there for the animals which means that you value their freedom, rights, comfort, and safety.

While holding sloths at the Birmingham Zoo, you may take photos if you wish. That is allowed too.

But take note of the time you need to pay a visit to the zoo.

The best time is from 11 am because this time the sloths will be a bit active and other animals are out of their enclosures.

Sloth Petting at Birmingham Zoo

Can you pet sloths at the Birmingham zoo? The Birmingham Zoo values the rights of animals including those of sloths. They allow interaction with their sloths to be prudently and loving.

Sloths don’t entertain human interaction, especially with unfamiliar people. They are very easy to stress.

In fact, in the zoo, sloth interaction is reduced to one per day.

Once your family gets to encounter it, the next family meets another different sloth.

Furthermore, sloths get stressed by a slight change in their environment and the zookeepers do not move them from their enclosures for interaction.

It is indeed hard to realize that a sloth is stressed. But keep in mind that the keepers are professionals.

If they sense or notice that the sloth is uncomfortable, they will not bother it.

That means that even if you were about to hold or pet them, then such interaction will be stopped.

About The Birmingham Zoo

The Birmingham Zoo is a park with zoological features and was officially opened in 1955.

More than 600 animals of approximately 240 species, deem and possess the Birmingham Zoo as their home.

The zoo is about 122 acres large. Animals kept here include flamingo, lions, sloths, bears, orangutan, giraffe, rainbow lorikeet, southern white rhinoceros, Kori bustard, and grant’s zebra just to mention a few.

It is a tourist attraction site that draws the attention of many guests.

In 2005 for example, it attracted more than 450,000 visitors which made the Alabama state’s Bureau of Tourism and Travel rank it as its top tourist destination.

Again in 2006, it was ranked second among the top tourist attraction site in Alabama when the number of visitors increased by 20,000.

The Birmingham Zoo takes pleasure in making the experience of their guests in their park remarkable.

That said, the zoo has several exhibits and encounters of animals that allow visitors to interact closely with animals.

Lorikeet Interactive Feeding and Observation Aviary that is only open in spring and summer, tortoise yard, wildlife stage, predator building, sea lions, flamingo lagoon are just but a few of the exhibits.

Encounters include Ambassador Animals, Wildlife Show, Camel Rides, Flamingo Feeding, and Predator Zone Lion Training.

All of these beautiful exhibits and encounters come with a little charged fee on top of your admission fee.

The Birmingham Zoo grouped all of these encounters and experiences under one name Behind the Scene Encounter and Experience.

Since such moments are meant for you, professional zookeepers are always stand-by to answer any question you may ask.

These experts work day and night to keep the zoo a haven for their loved animals apart from feeding, nursing, and training them to adapt to human interaction.

Other Animals at the Birmingham Zoo

What Other Animals does the Zoo Have? The Birmingham Zoo hosts several animals, thanks to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums for certifying its activities.

The list can be long to mention all of the animals but zebras, lions, rhinos, and species that are endangered from six continents are kept here. Have a look at these few:

  • Sumatran Orangutan
  • Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Ursus Americanus

You can find out more about them below.

Sumatran Orangutan

Sumatran Orangutan: or Pongo abelii as botanists call them is an Indonesian orangutan found primarily in forests of tropical lowlands.

They spend the entirety of their lives on trees. Their bodies and faces are covered wholly with long and fine red hair.

The male Sumatran orangutans have cheek pads that are covered with white hair.

They can live up to 58 years. The Birmingham Zoo has three orangutans Oliver the male who is currently 41 years, Lipz the female currently 39 years and their daughter Nairi, 10 years old.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet: globally it is estimated that there are about 5o species of lories and lorikeets.

Lorikeets are small Australian birds that can grow to 15 inches in length with slender bodies.

When kept as captives, lorikeets can live up to 20 years or more, but their average life expectancy in the wild is 12 years.

The Birmingham Zoo under the sponsor of MyEyeDr opened Lorikeet Aviary that currently is home to 75 lorikeets of four various species with an age range of 1 year to above 20 years.

Ursus Americanus

Ursus americanus is commonly known as North American Black Bear: the zoo keeps two of these bears, Betty and Sassy which are both females.

They were rescued from Montana, Big Sky. In the zoo, you can meet them at the Barbara Ingalls Shook Black Bear Trail that is located in the Alabama Wilds Trail.

How Did the Birmingham Zoo Begin?

How Did the Birmingham Alabama Zoo Begin

The Birmingham Zoo is a non-profit organization that was opened on 2nd April 1955.

It started as a small park keeping exotic animals in a Southside firehouse.

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It relocated to Brother Bryan Park and later to Avondale Park with a collection of non-exotic animals.

Immediately after the 2nd World War, the Birmingham Junior Chamber of Commerce sourced out the first support to the zoo to contain the number of growing animals.

In 1946, Elton B. Stephens proposed the creation of a zoo for the city of Birmingham which 3 years later was initiated by Mayor James R. Morgan.

The zoo was named Jimmy Morgan Zoo which started its first exhibits with Monkey Island on 2nd April 1955.

It operated privately for 8 months and in November of the same year, the city of Birmingham assumed full responsibility for the zoo.

The first director to operate the zoo was Bob Truett, hired in 1960.

It then through his management that he changed the name to today’s known Birmingham Zoo.

Truett managed to operate the city zoo with success which was seen in how animal exhibitions were taken to a level of world-class rather than being centered on monkey island.

The zoo’s accreditation was withdrawn in 1991. Through the unwavering support of the Alabama Zoological Society.

Birmingham Mayor Richard Arrington, and the Birmingham Zoo, Inc it was given back in January 2001.

In 2004, a new Chief Executive Officer joined Birmingham Zoo who since that time has brought tremendous changes to the zoo.

He has helped the zoo provide a home to various animals, creation of exhibitions and experiences as well as allowing esteemed guests and visitors to be members with benefits.

No major challenges have been faced in the zoo apart from minor injuries caused by an animal attack.

Birmingham Zoo Membership

Birmingham Zoo Membership

Does The Birmingham Zoo Allow Memberships? The Birmingham zoo allows people who wish to join them as members, to register on their website.

The membership aids the zoo in the promotion of education, conservation of environment and animals, furthering research and community involvement.

  • Membership Prices
  • Rules
  • Membership Benefits

You can learn more about this below…

Birmingham Zoo Membership Prices

What are the Birmingham Zoo Membership Prices? Members have many privileges to enjoy and special member perks.

The following are available membership categories and levels:

  • Individual: 1 adult (age 18 and above) fee of $60.
  • Companion: 2 adults fee of $90.
  • Family: 2 adults and up to 6 children (ages 2 to 17) fee of $140.
  • Family PLUS: 2 adults, up to 6 children (ages 2 to 17) + unlimited rides during regular zoo hours, a fee of $295.
  • Military Family: 2 adults and up to 6 children fee of $110. The member can be active, retired, or veteran military.
  • Foster family: 2 adults and up to 6 children fee $50.

Birmingham Zoo Rules

Members must adhere to the following rules:

  • One adult must be named on the membership.
  • Additional adults may be named or may remain as a guest while unnamed.
  • To use the membership, the guest must be accompanied by a named member.
  • No refunds are entitled to members.
  • Summer activities such as camel rides are not covered in the Plus Membership.
  • Services membership must be bought in person at the Zoo
  • Membership office. Valid documents must be presented.
  • For military members to enjoy a military discount on various membership discounts, proof must be provided to confirm if they are active, veteran, or retired military status.
  • Legal identification and Foster Parent Certification Card or letter must be presented to enjoy the privileges of Foster Family Membership.

Birmingham Zoo Benefits

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Member of the Bermingham Zoo? Benefits include upon becoming a member include:

  • Visits the zoo throughout the year with no limitation.
  • 25% off regular admission Birmingham Zoo tickets for non-member guests.
  • Special discounts for members

Birmingham Alabama Zoo Events

Birmingham Alabama Zoo Events

What kind of Birmingham Zoo Events are available? The Birmingham Zoo Events are part of normal activities at the Zoo.

Apart from encounters and exhibitions of animals, these Birmingham Zoo events are deemed important for attracting guests to the zoo.

The following events have been or will be observed in the zoo:

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar Storywalk
  • Euphonious Music Festival
  • Father’s Day Weekend at the Zoo

You can read more about these zoo events below.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Storywalk

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Storywalk: this event is celebrated from April 10th to August 29th.

It is observed in honor of Eric Carle, who had helped many children to be introduced to the world of various animals.

This has helped the children to adapt to the natural world from a very tender age.

Eric Carle has authored about 70 books and the zoo together with Penguin Young Readers will honor him for a long time.

Euphonious Music Festival

Euphonious Music Festival: It is to be held June 18th from 5:30 pm to June 20th at 10:30 pm.

This event is to be held come rain or sunshine before Father’s Day weekend.

With many national and international technology companies that don’t normally come to the city of Birmingham, this event will bring a unique feeling to the residents.

It will be hosted in the Birmingham Zoo’s Henley Park.

Father’s Day Weekend at the Zoo

Father’s Day Weekend at the Zoo: Every adult paying for the admission that day will utilize the benefit of one free admission of a child to the Zoo.

Birmingham Zoo Online Reviews

The Alabama Birmingham Zoo Online Reviews

These reviews are samples of what people say or think about the zoo out of their experiences in the Birmingham zoo.

Cecily C.

Cecily C. gave the zoo a 4-star rating and said “Great place to visit with kids or adults. Kinda pricy, but worth the trip at least once. The yearly pass or using a reciprocal discount is very helpful. Can’t wait for all the exhibits and attractions to open back up :)” – Source: Google Map Review

Timothy H.

Timothy H. gave the zoo a 4 star rating and said “The zoo was pretty nice. Takes about 2 hours to make the full walk around it. We enjoyed it but about 1/3 of the exhibits were closed or empty. Overall still a nice zoo.” – Source: Google Map Review

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Alison L.

Alison L. posted a review of the Birgminham Zoo with 4-star review and said “Many closed exhibits but still great – We visited with our family of 6, kids ages 1-10, and everyone had a great day. The animals we saw, especially the orangutans were in thoughtful exhibits, and they seemed well cared for. There were many closed exhibits, for Covid, weather, and renovations. Still, it was a really fun day, and I would recommend this place.” – Source: Tripadvisor Review


Ransom007 gave the zoo a 5-star review and said “Good zoo in Birmingham, Alabama – The zoo has free parking. The zoo has a train ride, various places to eat, and a gift shop. The paths are well paved and relatively flat. They are also well shaded in most places. During my visit I saw elephants, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, various primates, an alligator, and many types of birds. COVID-19: Visitors are expected to wear masks at all time within the zoo and the paths are “one-way” to promote social distancing. – Source: Tripadvisor Review

Marcee G.

Marcee G. visited the Birmingham zoo and left a 5-star review and said “Glow Wild was so much fun! As a member, I have always enjoyed Zoolight Safari, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was thrilled to see so many people out visiting and supporting the zoo. It takes so much money to feed the animals and ensure their comfort, and the zoo lost quite a bit of revenue closing due to COVID. The price was more than Zoolight Safari, but worth it in my opinion. We love the Birmingham Zoo and all of their many efforts to care for the animals, educate the community, and participate in the SSP.” to promote social distancing.” – Source: Yelp Review

Eric B.

Eric B. reviewed the zoo with a 5-star review and said “So far, this is one of the smallest zoos I have managed to engage with, but I didn’t know how they do around the world. It is part of a conservation network, which has made it possible to conserve, research, and bring to light the interdependence of animals and humans. Although it is under some Covid-19 restrictions, for the time being, it has been an amazing place to practice meditation and mindfulness.” – Source: Yelp Review

Birmingham Zoo Discounts

Are there any Birmingham zoo discounts? The following are verified voucher codes for the zoo of Birmingham:

  • Family and grandparent Birmingham Zoo membership for $120.
  • College Student Ticket is a hot offer discount offered $14 per ticket.
  • Soft Serve Ice Cream at $4 per person is another special offer.
  • There is also 1 free admission of teacher for every 10 students paying an admission fee. This offer is called Educational Group Discount.
  • 10% off wheelchair rental and stroller is a benefit for members of the Birmingham Zoo.
  • 10% off for shopping merchandise and food at Kudzoo and Safari Cafes. It also comes with a free “My Membership Perk”.

NOTE: These Birmingham Zoo discounts could expire at any time.  We are just listing the ones we found at the time of this post.

Contact the Birmingham AL Zoo

Below you will find information about contacting the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama.

In this section, we will discuss the following topics

  • Hours of Operation
  • Admission Prices
  • Zoo Address
  • Zoo Map
  • Contact The Zoo

You can learn some more information about these topics below.

Birmingham Zoo Hours of Operation

What are the Birmingham Zoo Hours of Operation? Birmingham Zoo operates only from Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

It is closed on Monday and Tuesday. No visitor is admitted 30 minutes before closing.

The Birmingham Zoo Prices for Admission

What are The Birmingham Zoo Prices for Admission? The prices for the Alabama Birmingham Zoo tickets are:

  • $17.95 for adults
  • $12.95 for children 2-12 years old
  • $14.95 for senior citizens 65 years +
  • Free entry for babies and children under 2 years old.

Alabama Birmingham Zoo Address

What is the AL Birmingham Zoo address? You can find the zoo at 2630 Cahaba Road, Birmingham, AL 35223, USA.

Alabama Birmingham Zoo Map

We added a few of the biggest cities nearby to the zoo to help you find a quick route.

  1. New Orleans Louisiana (347 Miles)
  2. Jackson Mississippi (241 Miles)
  3. Memphis Tennessee (249 Miles)
  4. Nashville Tennessee (195 Miles)
  5. Knoxville Tennessee (260 Miles)
  6. Charlotte North Carolina (394 Miles)
  7. Montgomery Alabama (89 Miles)

Alternate Route

You can always fly to the Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport. It is only 15 miles away from the zoo.

Contact The Alabama Birmingham Zoo

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Email: onlinesales@birminghamzoo.com
Phone: 205-879-0409

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