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Sloths Have Algae Growing on Their Coats, They’re That Slow


Learn some amazing facts about sloths in this informative video from Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. You can watch them living the sloth life and find out how and why they behave the way they do.

See the Sloths in Their Natural Habitat

These sloths are in an environment close to their natural one.

You can learn about how they live and interact with the creatures and the world around them.

Although there are tourists here, they don’t interfere with the sloths or other animals and everything seems to flow together seamlessly.

You’ll see other animals in this video as well, and learn about the rainforest. Bonus: monkeys!

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  1. "Monekys shouldn't be fed processed food because they contain toxins they can digest". replace monkey with primates of any kind including humans and the statement remains true.

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