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Sloths on the Move, Run, Sloth, Run Sloth of the Day

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It’s a snail, it’s a big worm! No! It’s Super Sloth. Faster than a speeding glacier, more powerful than a yawn. If you want to get away, you’d better run as slow as you can and start tomorrow because he’s not going to get here for a while.

Sloths in Relentless Pursuit, Oh My!

These sloths are on a mission. Who knows where they’re going or what their plans are, but they’re relentless in their pursuit of it.

Pulling themselves determinedly along, they’ll reach their goal. Slow and steady wins the race. Which of these guys will get to where they’re going first?

If you’re watching this exciting race, you might want to get yourself a snack. Go ahead and go.

They’ll probably still be in nearly the same place they were in when you get back. Go, sloths, go! We salute your tenacity.

Just because they’re slow doesn’t make this chase any less thrilling!

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