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Sloth Meets Giant Anaconda and Shows Who’s Boss


Sloth Meets Giant Anaconda and Shows Who’s Boss. Who do you think would be the victor between a sloth and an anaconda? Would they even notice each other? Let’s see.

Sloth Meets Giant Anaconda

As onlookers took the time to film this video a large anaconda and the sloth in this story cross paths.

Here comes a sloth, going wherever sloths go. Nothing is going to deter him or slow him down. And I mean nothing.

Rocks, leaves, branches, giant snakes, pebbles. He steps over them all.

They’re just so much detritus beneath his claws. As long as he doesn’t look behind him to see what he just stepped on. Insurance agencies must love him.

I think the snake was full on all the people around it made it decide to move along.

What would you have done if this was you? Let us know in the comments.

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