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Sloth and Baby are Growing Up Together and It Is Adorable


Sloth and Baby are Growing Up Together and It Is Adorable. How would you like a sloth as a playmate? Alia has Daisy and they are just adorable. Playing, eating, and sleeping together, it’s like having a furry sister.

Sloth and Baby are Growing Up Together

Julia and Jason Heckathorn brought their daughter, Alia home on the same day that Daisy, their sloth, arrived.

So, they’ve been part of each other’s lives from day one. They even wear matching headbands.

Sloth and baby are each other’s, constant companions. I doubt they’ll have too much trouble getting Alia to eat her vegetables with such a good example by her side.

Perhaps, Alia will even get to bring Daisy to school someday. She’s one lucky girl and so is Daisy to have such a good friend.

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