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B-Rad the Baby Sloth With Coyote Peterson


B-Rad the Baby Sloth With Coyote Peterson. A while back Brave Wilderness made a video about B-Rad the baby sloth. Now join Coyote Peterson and his friends Mark and Mario as they revisit this video.

Find Out More About B-Rad the Baby Sloth

The original video about B-Rad the baby sloth was so popular that Brave Wilderness decided to go back and look at it again.

This time they talk more about how B-Rad came to be at the sanctuary, something about sloths in general, and let us know that B-Rad is now living back in the wild, able to take care of himself.

They introduce their cuteness ranking, show you how to use it to measure cuteness, and then tell you how B-Rad measures up.

Just letting you know, it’s pretty high. You also find out how you can help Kids Saving the Rainforest.

You can view the Source for WORLD FAMOUS SLOTH…gives tiny kisses! Here.

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