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Full DMV Sloth Zootopia Scene That We All Love


Zootopia DMV Sloth Scene That We All Love. Zootopia movie with a sloth at DMV. Flash the Sloth that works at DMV in the movie Zootopia was a very big hit.

Zootopia DMV Sloth Scene

In this sloth DMV movie scene the rabbit Judy Hopps voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin and the sly fox Nick Wilde voiced by Jason Bateman have to go to DMV to get some information.

AS they walk in talking about the case, Judy is surprised that there is a sloth at DMV called Flash who is the one that is going to help them.

As you can imagine a DMV sloth is going to move slow, just like any other sloth that also works there.

Very funny DMV sloth clip.  Zootopia (titled Zootropolis in the UK and Ireland) produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The funny Zootopia DMV Sloth Scene.

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