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MY CUTE BABY SLOTH (Yes, She’s Real)


How would you like to own a sloth as a pet? Nikocado Avocado is living that dream since the sloth adoption he put in came through. Congratulations! It’s a girl!

Sloth Dream Come True

Nikocado Avocado put in to adopt a sloth a year ago and the adoption was finally approved.

His sloth recently arrived and he’s not sure what to name her. He’s open to suggestions.

The sloth came from Florida and seems to be adjusting quite well. Nikocado has a vlog, so you can watch his new baby and his other pets on a regular basis.

He also does recipes, so you can get some good meal ideas, too.

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  1. Update on the sloth if you go to inside edition about why sloths are so popular it states he gave her away to an animal sanctuary because "it was to hard to take of" so the only sloth here was nick

  2. That sloth is so cute my sloth kinda looks like him but my sloth is a baby he just crawls on me and thinks my hair is food


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