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Newborn Sloth Rescued at Costa Rica Wildlife Center


Newborn Sloth Rescued at Costa Rica Wildlife Center. A newborn sloth is discovered by a bystander who calls the wildlife center.

Follow what happens to the sloth next and how they take care of this tiny baby.

Newborn Sloth Rescued at Wildlife Center

A Baby Sloth’s New Temporary Home. This wildlife rescue center in Costa Rica takes in orphan animals all the time, but this is the smallest and youngest Newborn Sloth Rescued they’ve ever fostered.

Ellie Harrison and Max Hug Williams let you in on the process of getting this little one to drink from a bottle, mimicking how the mother would have done it.

As the baby grows, he or she will learn to climb trees and poo at the bottom and when it’s able to survive on its own, it will be released back into the wild.

You can view the Source for Adorable baby sloth finds a new home – BBC Here.

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