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New Sloth Exhibit Opens May 25th in Indianapolis Zoo

New Sloth Exhibit Opens May 25th in Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo has opened a Sloth Exhibit where you can see sloths. The Deserts Dome Habitat at the Indianapolis Zoo will host a Sloth exhibit that you can attend.

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Indianapolis Zoo has a Sloth Exhibit You Can Visit

The Deserts Dome Habitat at the Indianapolis Zoo will host a Sloth exhibit that any sloth lover can attend to get close to these amazing adorable animals.

This sloth exhibit has two kinds of sloth for you to see. The Hoffman and the Linnaeus two-toes sloths.

Hoffmann’s Sloth
Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Hoffmann’s Two-Toed Sloths

“Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni) is a species of sloth from Central and South America.

Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth is a heavily built animal with shaggy fur and slow, deliberate movements.

The forefeet have only two toes, each ending with long, curved claws, although three clawed toes are on each of the hind feet.” – Source: Wikipedia.org

Linnaeus Sloth
Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Linnaeus’s Two-Toed Sloth

“Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth (Choloepus didactylus), also known as the southern two-toed sloth, unau, or Linne’s.

The two-toed sloth is a species of sloth from South America, found in Venezuela, the Guyanas, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil north of the Amazon River.

There is now evidence suggesting the species’ range expands into Bolivia.” Wikipedia.org

Sloth move very slowly to prevent been seen by their natural predators, like eagles and jaguars that are always on the lookout for moving prey.

The sloth slow movements have become a natural defense against these and other predators.

Where is the Indianapolis Zoo Sloth Exhibit?

The Indianapolis Zoo has been categorized as an Aquarium, a Botanical Garden and a Zoo because of the diversity of Exhibits that they offer.

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You can find more information about this sloth exhibit by contacting them below.

  • Address: 1200 West Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46222
  • Email: Click here
  • Phone #: 317-630-2001
  • Website: Indianapoliszoo.com
  • Hours: 9AM-4PM MON-THURS | 9AM-5PM FRI-SUN

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Other USA Sloth Exhibit locations

There are other USA sloth exhibits locations that may be closer to you. Check out our post on 8 Awesome Sloth Sanctuaries Around The World.

OregonZoological Wildlife Conservation Center -The Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center focuses more on animal research and husbandry so there is a noticeable list of the dos and don’ts of the facility available on their website.

However, as stated by the Oregonian, with just an entry fee will give anyone the opportunity to gain entry into the sloth sleepover program of the facility that allows only 16 people at once per night.

Florida: Palm Beach Zoo – Sloth loving folks will definitely love the Palm Beach Zoo Sleepy Sloth Experience. With an extra admission fee of $35, visitors can have the opportunity of meeting a two-toed sloth named Wilbur, that belongs to Hoffman the zookeeper and even get a personalized classroom education. Guests also have the opportunity to take photos, learn and experience new sloth facts and if luckily in the mood get to pet the sloth.

New York: Animal Adventure Park – This park offers hands-on encounters with your favorite animals. Many attractions to choose from. A good day outing for all the family. According to their website, guests can interact and feed the animals in this park.

Tennesse: NasvilleZoo.org – “Nashville Zoo is excited to announce the addition of two-toed sloths to its animal collection. Guests can see the mother, Edith, and her son, Emmett, in the Aviary inside Unseen New World.” – Source: NasvilleZoo.org

I wish there was a sloth exhibit near me, the closest one to me is Oregon Sloth Exhibit. If you know of any other exhibits for sloths in the USA, please leave me a note on the comments. I think I’ll write a post about all of them that I could find.

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New Sloth Exhibit Opens May 25th in Indianapolis Zoo

These sloth exhibits are meant for educational purposes. They also provide a unique experience for sloth lovers to see these amazing animals.  Always remember that you are a guest, and take great care not to damage any of these creatures on your visits.

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