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New Reckless Sloths Board Game

Reckless Sloths New Board Game Live on October 27
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Reckless Sloths Board Game is a new game where you take turns saving adorable sloths from all kinds of silly dangers. Hours of fun for all.

UPDATE: This New Sloths Board Game is going LIVE on Oct. 27th! 

The New Reckless Sloths Board Game

You’ve seen adorably cute pictures of sloths on the internet. But have you ever saved a sloth from a boulder of instant noodles?

Saving sloths from silly situations is the best thing since sliced bread!

In this upcoming sloth card game “Reckless Sloths”, players take turns trying to save as many adorable sloths as they can from all kinds of silly dangers, such as Warped into another dimension,

Tickle fights with a tiger and Trapped under a huge pancake. The first player to save 5 sloths will be beloved by all sloths and wins the game!

We asked a few questions to Sindri Levi, the author, and creator of the Reckless Sloths Board Game.  The following answers are from him.

  • How Did You Come Up With This Idea?
  • Tell Us More About Yourself.
  • What Will The Reckless Sloths Board Game Include?
  • When Are You Launching the Reckless Sloths Game?
  • Where Can We Find More Information About The Game?

If you have any questions about this new sloth board game please post them in the comments below.

How Did You Come Up With This Idea?

The New Reckless Sloths Board Game

So Sindri, how did you come up with the idea for this Sloth Card Board Game?

I came up with the idea when I was driving home from work one day.

I have always loved creating board games, and I have always loved sloths as well, they’re just so precious!

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So I was driving in my car, and the idea instantly popped into my head… “A card game where you save sloths from wacky dangers”.

The game is great for all sloth lovers and everyone ages 7 years and up. It’s also very interactive and great to play with your family.

It has a whimsical style, a bunch of colorful and cute artwork, and it’s PACKED full of adorable sloths!

I thought this idea would be amazing for sloth lovers since there are very few sloth games out there.”

Tell Us More About Yourself

Sindri Please Let Us Know More About Yourself. Who are you? Where do you come from? Why a Sloth Board Game called the Reckless Sloths?

I’m a 20-year-old from Iceland, I’ve loved creating board games since I was a little kid.

I always had this burning desire to create a board game that would be so much fun to play!

I love sloths, so when I set out to create a board game, I was definitely going to make it about my favorite animal!

There are definitely not enough board games out there for sloth lovers, so I really hope this game will bring value to sloth lovers.

I work on the game every day, all day from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep.

Can’t help myself, it’s just the most fun ever! I hope to make the game as amazing as possible for all sloth lovers.

I am actually very reckless myself. Just yesterday, I was biking home with a bag full of groceries, I decided to take a shortcut up a hill and the bag went into the tire and got ripped to pieces and groceries flew all over the place.

The people walking by must have been very amused by this.”

What Will The Reckless Sloths Board Game Include?

Reckless Sloths New Board Game Cards Sloth

I have seen some of the cards that this New Reckless Sloths Game has and they are pretty cool.  What else comes with the game?

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The game will include 123 unique, cute, adorable, and awesome sloth cards that will make this a fun game to play.

  • 27 Danger Cards – (such as “Riding a radioactive llama”).
  • 27 Sloth Character Cards – (such as “Caramelized Sloth”).
  • 42 Item cards – (such as “Sloth-copter”) Used to save the sloths from dangers.
  • 27 Power cards – (Such as “Sloth-sicle” where you freeze your opponent).

Depending on how the Kickstarter goes there may be more cards added to the set.”

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When Are You Launching the Reckless Sloths Game?

Kickstarter LogoI heard that you will be launching this game pretty soon on Kickstarter.  Can you tell us more about that?

We’re launching the game on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter on October 27th.

We will also have “stretch-goals” on our Kickstarter, so that the more backers we have, the more cards will be added to the game on top of the current 123 cards!

Additionally, we’re working on an expansion for the game which will also be available on the Kickstarter, we’ll release more info on it shortly!

My mom, who is an artist, actually drew all the artwork. My girlfriend and I came up with the ideas for all of the cards.

Right now we’re finishing up the graphic design for the cards as well as the box design. We’ll be sharing it on our Facebook page shortly.”

Where Can We Find More Information About The Game?

New Board Game Reckless Sloths Logo Game

How exciting!  You brought an idea and are turning it into a reality.  Where can we find out more information about the game?

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You can learn more about the Reckless Sloths Board Game on the website as well as sign-up to get notified when the Kickstarter goes live, so you can get your Limited Kickstarter copy of Reckless Sloths Game!

UPDATE: This New Sloths Board Game is going LIVE on Oct. 27th! You can find more info on their KICKSTARTER page. Game is launching on October 27th at 8am Eastern time. 

You can also join the Facebook group to follow updates on the game. You can see new artwork and a bunch of exclusive sneaks peeks on our Facebook page as well.

We’ll also be having a bunch of exciting giveaways and contests soon!”

We Hope You Like Our Post “Reckless Sloths New Board Game”

Reckless Sloths New Board Game Live on October 27

Sloth of The DayIf you are looking for great board games for kids this new Sloth Board Game will be an amazing addition to your board game collection.

I’m sure adults would love it too. Mr. Sindri Levi took an idea and has worked hard to make it a reality.

We wish him all the luck in the world on this new venture.  Sloth On to the Reckless Sloths Board Game.

Images were authorized for this post by Sindri Levi himself. Thank You, Sindri.

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