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Marge, Your Lesson for Today is Sloth S-L-O-T-H


Everyone has heard of sloths, right? Apparently not everyone. Marge is 82 and never heard of such a thing as a sloth in her life. Time for a zoo trip, Marge.

Say It With Me. S-L-O-T-H. Sloth.

Poor Marge. Her friend is trying to share her love of sloths with her and she hasn’t had any knowledge that such a thing existed before today.

How can she have lived as long as she has and not heard of a sloth, she wonders.

Well, in her defense, you don’t see people walking their sloths down the street every day and I have relatives about her same age who also have never heard of a sloth.

Yes, I’ve had this conversation, too. That’s okay. There’s something new to learn every day.

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