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Kenny Coogan Tells You Why Sloths Are Slow in Animated Video


Why are sloths so darn slow? Kenny Coogan and animator Anton Bogaty collaborate to give you this EdTed video to answer your question.

So Why Are Sloths So Slow?

So why are sloths slow? Well, they’ll tell you. You’ll go back to their origins and look at prehistoric sloths.

That’s right, they’re that old. A venerable lineage indeed. You couldn’t cuddle these guys.

Well, you could try. Then you’ll look at how they evolved and their diet and habitat.

You’ll see how their internal digestive system works and how long between eliminations, pooping, if you will, and how that actually contributes to their slowness.

Also, how being slow keeps sloths safe. There’s a reason for their slowness. Find out what it is with this video.

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