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Hilarious Sloth Videos and Tidbits to Make You Smile

Hilarious Sloth Videos and Tidbits to Make You Smile

Hilarious Sloth Videos that will Make You Smile. Take a look at the funny sloth videos we found about sloths from celebrities and movies. Get ready to laugh.

Hilarious Sloth Videos Make You Smile

Take a look at the grab bag of sloth videos and snippets of information we’ve found on sloths.

These are themed by TV and movies, just to give you a chuckle.

How We Think The Sloth Mania Began

We wondered how all the interest in sloths began and our search led to Lucy Cooke, who is the founder of the Sloth Appreciation Society. Yes, this is a society that you can actually join.

Lucy is a zoologist who visited a Costa Rican sanctuary and met sloths for the first time. She decided to try to bring attention to sloths so that more funding to protect them could be raised and began to write books.

She showed up at Ted Talk, appeared on shows on the BBC, and was an advisor on Animal Planet’s Too Cute! Baby Sloths and The Cute Show. She also presented Meet The Sloths on the Discovery Channel.

Well, if she’s the one responsible, all we can say is “Thank you”, mission accomplished.

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Steve Harvey on Relationships and Sloths

Steve Harvey has an opinion on just about everything. Ask him a question on his show ” ASK STEVE ” and he’ll answer it and after you stop laughing, you’ll usually find you’ve learned something too.

Here a girl’s dream is to have a sloth at the birthday party that her boyfriend is planning for her. But they have two different opinions on sloths. So how can she get him to get over his fear of them and do this for her, shouldn’t he love what she loves?

Harvey has a third opinion, “A man ain’t gonna pay no money for something he’s scared of.” He should love what she loves? “Where ya’ll get these rules at?” and concludes “This sloth could be mean to ya’ll.”

There’s actually advice here, though, check it out.

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Kristen Bell’s Sloth Reaction

Kristen Bell was looking forward to her birthday party. She also happens to love sloths. So when her boyfriend decided to surprise her with a sloth for her birthday party, he got a little surprise of his own with her sloth reaction.

She uses an emotion scale of one to ten and this was rated at an eleven. The sloth’s reaction wasn’t recorded.

Then we got Dax Shepard’s side of the story. The sloth was hard to find at that time, around 2013 and special preparations had to be made. The sloth had some screen credits behind her and she was only one of two sloths available to visit in homes.

Now, of course, with all the interest, sloths can be visited and can come to parties more easily.

Queen Elizabeth’s Sloths

Queen Elizabeth II has been the recipient of two sloths in her lifetime. The prefect of Brasilia gave her a two-toed sloth in 1968 and President Artur de Costa e Silva of Brasil presented her with her second in 1976. Both sloths were donated to the ZSL London Zoo.

Then There are Sloth Celebrities

Of course, Sid the Sloth tops the list of celebrity sloths. Doesn’t have to be a real sloth right? Helping get his buddies and himself out of all kinds of scrapes. And boogying with the best of them.

If you have kids or just love animated movies, you probably saw the scene where the person helping you was a sloth.

Can you imagine how long that would take in real life? Let’s run a make on that license plate. Then we’ll be back on our way in no time. Yeah, right.

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