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Seaquest Folsom Sloth New Baby Sloth

Folsom California Seaquest New Baby Sloth at Seaquest Folsom New Baby Sloth

Seaquest Folsom Sloth New Baby sloth has arrived and everyone is so excited about it. There was a new baby sloth born at Seaquest Folsom and you have a chance to help name it. Seaquest in Folsom CA had a special event.

Seaquest Folsom Sloth Baby

Yes, a healthy baby sloth was born at Seaquest in Folsom California and it’s sure something to be celebrating.

The gender of the baby will be announced soon and they should have both mom and baby sloth out where you can visit them soon as well.

Help Name the Seaquest Folsom New Baby Seaquest Folsom Sloth
Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=654620512027474

Mom and baby sloth are healthy and doing amazingly well. The baby weighs about 25% more than most newborn baby sloths do, so it’s off to a good start.

Name the Seaquest Folsom Baby Sloth

Win Seaquest Folsom Sloth Free TicketsWell, the Seaquest Folsom now has a brand new baby sloth.  What they don’t have, though, is a name for their new addition to the family.

Guess what? You can help with that. Seaquest has decided to have a contest to name the Seaquest Folsom sloth new baby.

If they pick the name you submit, you’ll win two tickets to Seaquest.

The contest started on Jan. 12 and will go until about Jan. 26. The contest was posted on Facebook and you can enter your name submission in the comments section.

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Feeding a Seaquest Folsom Sloth Video

Seaquest has a sloth experience where you can see Flash their two-toed sloth and interact with this adorable sloth. In this sloth encounter, you are able to feed, pet, and maybe hold a sloth. Be very gentle with them though.

There are some simple rules that you have to follow while you visit the Seaquest Sloth Encounter.

  • Seaquest Folsom Sloth Encounters minimum age is 10 years old. Any kids attending that are younger than that should be with a supervising adult.
  • Trained staff will have some educational information and activities that will teach you about these amazing creatures.
  • Please make reservations ahead of schedule. It is recommended to make them at the very least 1 day before the day you wish to attend.
  • According to the website the price of a ticket is $19.95 per person, and no more than 4 people at the time are permitted with the sloths.

There may be a few other rules to see the new Seaquest Folsom Sloth that you would have to follow to enjoy your Seaquest Sloth Encounter. You can check out my post Best Sloth Experience Tips or visit the Seaquest website for more details.

What is Seaquest in Folsom CA?

According to their website, You can “Immerse yourself in a world of discovery as SeaQuest takes you on an adventure through rainforests, deserts and the depths of the seas.” – Source: https://folsom.visitseaquest.com/

Seaquest is a unique place that offers a petting zoo, an aquarium and for us sloth lovers a way to have a sloth encounter. Some of the events you can have there are:

  • Folsom California SeaquestBehind Scene Tours
  • Otter Interactions
  • Sloth Interactions
  • Stingray Snorkels
  • Birthday Party
  • Private Events
  • Fundraising Events
  • Field Trips
  • Sleep With Sharks

I’m sure they have many other amenities to choose from. Exploring would be a fun outing for the whole family.

Where Can I Find Seaquest?

SeaQuest Folsom California
430 Palladio Pkwy #1801
Folsom, CA 95630
Phone: (916)673-9972
Web: https://folsom.visitseaquest.com/
You can see a map to Seaquest in Folsom Ca (Map) Below:

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Folsom California Seaquest Sloth New Baby at Seaquest Folsom New Baby SlothIf you have the opportunity to visit Seaquest Folsom Sloth, please remember to be respectful.

If you get to hold a sloth please follow the keeper’s instructions. Keep safe and enjoy your Folsom sloth encounter experience.

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