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Grace Makes a Chocolate Sloth Cake and So Can You


Take a look at this clever sloth cake and let Grace show you how she made it. Make one for your next party.

Watch How Grace Makes This Sloth Cake

Grace likes sloths and she also likes to make videos, so she decided to make a sloth cake and make a video of the process.

She doesn’t give a recipe, but it looks like pretty much any cake recipe would do.

What she does do, is show you how to turn a regular cake into a decorated one, in this case, into a sloth.

She claims that she can’t decorate cakes, but perhaps she’s being too modest because this cake turned out really cute.

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  1. Omg now im early i have a question. Im new and have been binge watching. Jesse always makes jokes about grace dropping a jar of mayo. What videi is that from i have been desperately searching but i cant find it. Pls help!!!! Love u xxx

  2. My mom always used to make all my birthday cakes, and she would make me a separate batch of cupcakes to take to school. They were always really cute and I appreciate the effort she put into it to this day

  3. In year 9 we had to make our own novelty cakes and decorate them… I decided to make a Sweeney Todd cake. Don't know how this relates to the video, but I felt like it was important to share.

  4. Love the cake!!! Just thought I'd let you know they're doing Easter eggs in Tesco by the name of "Nomo" there's a purple and a blue one.. one's caramel and sea salt and the other one is fruit and crunch.. They're vegan and free from!! They're 6 pounds. Just thought I'd let you know in case you see this, as it'll be something to try😀

    Also do you like bakeoff? Have you ever considered trying to do some of the challenges from it, and making that a video? I think it'd be fun! I just thought of it bc I imagined seeing your sloth on the show and I was creased.

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