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Funny Sloth Family Album Video by Sloth Of The Day


Funny Sloth Family Album by Sloth of the day. Not much is known about the sloth family tree, here we bring the list of the most notorious members of this sloth family.

Funny Sloth Family Album Video

Every family tree has unique characters. It is no difference in our Sloth Family. Here we bring to your attention the most memorable members of our sloth family.

* Uncle Louie, Traveling Sales Sloth
* Great Uncle Fitzroy the Balloonist
* Aunt Moonbeam, The Aerial Acrobat
* Cousin Viola in Her Penthouse
* Uncle Ignatz, The Lazy Bum
* Cousin Tex, Slowest Gun in The West
* Cousin Slother Peterson, Fitness Trainer
* Dr. Living Sloth, Jungle Explorer
* Uncle Joe, The Black Sheep In The Family
* Jack The Town Jester
* Aunt Florence In Her Cups
* Uncle Sloth Spitz, Olympic Swimmer

Now you know the members of this sloth family.

The Funny Sloth Family Album Video is Cool Huh? Which One is Your Favorite? Let Us Know In The Comments.

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This Funny Sloth Family Album was the idea of Ms. Margie Sue from https://SkullGal.com. I gave her the images and she came up with the names.

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