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Cute Adorable Baby Sloths Learn To Climb Video


Sloths Learn To Climb. A GROUP of adorable big-eyed sloths learn how to climb by scaling, climbing and then swinging from the back of a rocking chair.

Cute Baby Sloths Learn To Climb

A GROUP of doe-eyed sloths learn to climb by scaling and then swinging from the back of a rocking chair.

Shot in May, this adorable footage was filmed by zoologist and broadcaster Lucy Cooke during a visit to the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center uses a rocking chair to help teach the orphaned baby sloths how to climb – as the swaying motion is similar to a tree.

Sloth Living the Sloth Lifestyle Video

Lucy, who has been called the ‘Spielberg’ of sloth documentaries, has released a calendar dedicated to the super cute mammals.

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  1. Absolutely adorable video! I found sloth videos by sheer accident. Their eyes and noses make them adorable. In two seconds I was hooked!

  2. The Toucan Rescue Ranch is a fantastic sanctuary doing alot of great work. Please donate a few bucks to their organization if you can..your donation could be the difference in saving one of these adorable sloths.


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