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Chala CrossBody Sloth Cell Phone Purse

Chala CrossBody Sloth Cell Phone Purse 2

Chala CrossBody Sloth Cell Phone Purse – Sloth Crossbody Cell Phone Bag for Women. This sloth-themed purse is made of Multicolor Canvas with an Adjustable Strap.

Chala Cross Body Sloth Cell Phone Purse ( Amazon Link) Carry all your necessities and your cell phone in this adorable New Look Sloth Purse.

We all like to keep our favorite things with us. And if you love sloths, you can have a sweet one with you right in your purse and carry inside your photos and favorite lipstick and perfume.

Cross Body Sloth Cell Phone Purse

Trendy Sloth Cross Body Cell Phone Sloth Purse for Women
This cute Chala character is appliqued to the front pocket in PU leather. This is also known as faux or vegan leather.

The external compartment is open to easily reach in for what you need and the main compartment has a zipper on top with three slots inside for credit cards, gift cards, tickets, or money.

There’s plenty of space inside for smartphones, chargers, keys, passports, wallets, headphones, or make-up.

It will accommodate large screen phones like the Apple iPhone 6s or the Samsung galaxy s3.

It’s made with extra padding and a soft interior to protect your phone from damage. Two adjustable straps allow a variety of cross-body configurations.

The crossbody cell phone purse is 7.5″ Tall x 5″ Wide x 1.25″ Deep with a strap that adjusts from 7″ to 28″.

Your sloth is just hanging out on a vine with a leaf faux leather charm dangling near him in case he gets hungry and it’s all on a teal background with a black top and strap.

It’s all finished up with antique brass-toned hardware. You can now buy a sloth purse for you or a loved one.

Sloth Cell Phone Purse Features

Chala Cross Body Sloth Cell Phone Purse Small
Comes with a lot of cool features that you would enjoy.

The front pocket has a very cute sloth image.

Designed in the USA and made with quality soft PU leather. Gorgeous lining to avoid friction and scratches to your cellular devices.


This crossbody Sloth Cell Phone Purse has two zippered compartments. One external and a main inside compartment, that has 3 credit cards slots.

Sloth purse has plenty of room to hold the latest smartphones, wallets, keys, headphones, tickets, money, passport, lipstick, make-up, sloth coin purse, and more.


You can also fit big screen mobile devices with a bigger screen like the Apple iPhone 6S 6S Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7.

It will fit many other smart cellular phones making it one of the very best Sloth Women Cross Body Handbags today.


PU Leather has also been called Faux Leather or Vegan Leather. PU leather is an imitation leather that has been made into a classic texture that looks so similar to regular leather.

This Sloth Cell Phone Purse has a zipper closure on top. Inside soft lining. Plenty of extra padding has been added to protect your phone and other contents.


You can set up many different configurations with the two included straps. You can make a Crossbody Sloth Cell Phone Handbag, a Sloth Cell Phone Purse, or a simple Sloth Cellular Clutch.


7″ Tall X 5″ Wide. Strap adjustable: from 7″, to 28

Show off your darling little sloth while knowing you have everything you need in your Chala sloth crossbody cell phone purse.

You can now buy a sloth purse for you or a loved one.

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We Hope You Like This Chala Crossbody Sloth Cell Phone Purse

Chala Cross Body Sloth Cell Phone PurseThis Sloth Cellular Purse ( Link) makes a great sloth gift for many occasions. Sloth lovers would love to have one of these or to give one away.

Perfect for any happy occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, etc. The recipient of this sloth stuffed animal will be sure to love it and want to keep it around at all times since it’s so cuddly and soft.

If you’re looking for a great sloth gift for some of your friends, relatives, or that sloth lover that you know, this would make for a great surprise sloth gift!

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