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Sloth Crossbody Purse Custom Handmade Design


Crossbody Purse has been hand-painted with a sloth design that I liked. Can make a perfect gift or can show off your personality. Written By Ms. Margie Sue.

Gift This Cute Crossbody Purse for Someone You Love

I was recently gifted with a unique purse that features a handpainted sloth.

The crossbody purse has enough room for my keys, wallet, pens and paper, money, phone, tablet, and any small items I may want to carry and loops around my shoulder and across my body for easy carrying.

I take it to outdoor events and fun party get-togethers. It’s perfect for evenings out with a casual feel or just going out shopping.

I got to meet the artist. Her name is Kristy Moore and she does quite a few types of designs.

I saw faces, skulls, fantasy creatures like Frankenstein, and holiday characters like Santa.

Interview with Ms. Kristy Moore

Custom Made Skull Crossbody Purse

We decided to interview her for the Sloth of the Day. I asked her several questions about her art, her cute crossbody purses, and her business and she was happy to reply.

You can find more about her amazing designs below.

Q. How did you get started and when?

A: I have always painted but I didn’t get serious about it until college in 2004.

My first art class was in college and after taking a few classes I decided to switch my major from dance to art.

Skull Body PurseQ. How many sizes and types of purses are available?

A: Right now the only size available is a 9″x6” crossbody bag.

Because I do a different piece of art on each one, every bag is very unique.

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Q. What types of paints or other materials do you use?

A: I use acrylic paint on my bags.

Q: Can the purses be cleaned and how?

A: Yes they are easy to be cleaned with just a hand wash and cold water.

Girl Face Custom Made Body PurseQ. Do you do custom styles?

A: Yes, anyone can commission me for a bag with an idea of their own.

Just like you order a crossbody purse with a sloth design I can make something that you would love.

Q. What’s your favorite type of image to paint?

A: My favorite type of image to paint is faces right now.

Q. What crossbody purse design is the most popular?

A: So far the skull crossbody bags have been the most popular.

Contact Information

Sloth Crossbody PurseQ. How can people contact you?

A: I can be reached in many ways and you can find that info below.

As the business becomes more well known, she may expand the hand-painted crossbody purse sizes that she makes available.

Visit her website or any of her Social Medias to get a short bio with further information on Kristy’s life and influences.

You can also see examples of her art and become acquainted with some of the programs and events she’s helped spearhead.

How Can I Pay and Will You Ship?

There are several ways that you can order your black crossbody purse. She has accounts on Venmo, PayPal, and CashApp for your convenience.

You can order from her in person here in the Modesto CA area or contact her via the avenues above, for questions and to place an order.

She will mail or ship your custom-made hand-painted crossbody purse to you.

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We Hope You Like Our Post About The Cute Crossbody Purse That I Got

Custom Made Sloth Crossbody PurseThe thing is, this wasn’t just a sloth bag that someone found ready-made somewhere.

This purse was hand-painted just for me, with a design that I simply loved.

No one has a small crossbody purse quite like mine with the cute adorable sloth design on the bag.

I really like my new hand-painted crossbody purse. Visit the contacts above and get one for yourself.

From Sloth of The Day – We love having the opportunity to help a local artist in our area. Wish Ms. Kristy all the luck in the world on this venture.

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