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Coyote Peterson Compares Two and Three-Toed Baby Sloths

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Get ready for a Coyote Peterson video that shows the difference between two and three-toed sloths using babies. Educational and adorable in one great package.

Now You Can Know What Type of Sloth You’re Watching in Videos

The Brave Wilderness team of Breaking Trail present a video made at the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary featuring Coyote Peterson that will teach you to tell the difference between a two and three-toed sloth.

And the models are babies. You’ll learn about the different markings, how the toes are actually counted, the coloring and the particular features of each.

You’ll be able to tell your friends exactly what they’re looking at when you go to the zoo without looking at the descriptive plaque.

They’ll be impressed. Or annoyed, whatever you’re going for.

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