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BBC’s David Attenborough Says Boo to a Sloth

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BBC Earth presents BBC’s Life of Animals with David Attenborough. This time he gets up close and personal with a sloth.

What Happens if You Say Boo to a Sloth?

That’s what David Attenborough wanted to know, so he climbed up and tried it.

The sloth’s reaction was about as you’d expect. Maybe it would work better if the sloth hadn’t seen him coming.

However that maybe, we are treated to a few facts in this video and its light treatment makes the facts easy to learn.

So go ahead and see what happens if you say boo to a sloth.

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  1. Mystery?? Wow people are dumb. Clearly it poops in one spot just like we would. And clearly it poops on the floor just like we we would…why would you shit and poop out of a tree in the woods when you know that the sound and smell of poop and piss falling in the the forest all around one tree is a big target on your back instead of a quiet shit and piss in one little spot.

  2. I wonder what nature thought when it designed the sloth…. here let’s create an animal that can’t defend itself, basically only sleeps and moves slower than a snail…. I just honestly don’t get why sloths evolved into well…. this…. what’s the point? What’s the purpose?

  3. So sloths are essentially a spirit animal for the narcissistic "vegan" of humans. Mobile compost heap that does nothing. Sloths are an upgrade though as they don't even speak.

  4. the fact that he sat there and finished the roast on the sloth next to a steaming pile of it's shit just proves he is the greatest man who ever did nature documentary's

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