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Hello. I'm Leo Garcia, I'm the person who manages Sloth of The Day. This website was started for my daughter who loves sloths. We work hard to bring you sloth-related content that you may enjoy. If you have any questions, please do let us know. Leo Garcia is the Editor and writer of many websites like Sloth of The Day, Fishing Stone, Using Yoga, LG Bookshelf, Car Lover Tips, My Social Quotes, and Leo Garcia Books. Find Me On Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Youtube - Instagram - Amazon Sloth On :-)
Hilarious Sloth Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud is a compilation of the funniest sloth jokes that we could find or come up with.
In the blog post titled "Sloths The Slowest Animals on Earth," we uncover the reasons behind their incredibly slow pace and they move slowly.
Fascinating Sloth Facts You Didn't Know. Here we bring you 10 fascinating sloth facts that you may not be aware of. Which one did you know?
The adorable Baby Sloth Day Planner Book has adorable color baby sloth images that any sloth lover would enjoy. This 6" x 9" Paperback Baby Sloth Day Book was put together for those people who love sloths.
Sloth Daily To-Do List from Sloth of The Day. What's a Sloth to Do? There are so many things that a sloth has to accomplish on a daily basis.
Funny Sloth Family Album by Sloth of the day. Not much is known about the sloth family tree, here is a list from our Funny Sloth Family Album.
EXCITING LIFE OF A SLOTH Video. Sloths lead an exciting life, and by exciting, I really mean a very kickback lifestyle. Sign me up!
Sloth Tote bags are used for carrying your things in a convenient way. Tote bags are a reusable alternative to plastic shopping bags.
Sloth Wine Bottle Holder is a cute-looking sloth polyresin wine bottle holder in grey that can hold one standard-sized bottle of wine. This adorable sloth wine holder would be a pleasure to own and an even greater pleasure to send...
Sloths in Hawaii. Recently sloths have been getting hugely popular. People are now more interested in seeing the sloth than ever before.