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Hello. I'm Leo Garcia, I'm the person who manages Sloth of The Day. This website was started for my daughter who loves sloths. We work hard to bring you sloth-related content that you may enjoy. If you have any questions, please do let us know. Leo Garcia is the Editor and writer of many websites like Sloth of The Day, Fishing Stone, Using Yoga, LG Bookshelf, Car Lover Tips, My Social Quotes, and Leo Garcia Books. Find Me On Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Youtube - Instagram - Amazon Sloth On :-)
Adorable Baby Sloth in a Cup Image. Here is a picture of an adorable baby sloth in a cup.  One of the favorite sloth pictures on our FB page.
Cutest Baby Sloth On a Blanket Image On Grass. Someone took the time to take a picture of the cutest baby sloth on a blanket here. 
Sloth Baby Just Hanging Around Image. Sloth hang stays most of their life on top of trees.  Sloth does this for safety. 
Baby Sloth Pictures from Social Media Sites. Cute Baby sloth images that we found around the web then turned into a Baby Sloth Pictures Video.